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Rearrange menu items in Safari


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In Safari (the Tiger version with tabs) I noticied that some menus, as an IE user, aren't the same. Such as when you right click a link the first is to open it in a new window, while I like opening in tabs. The add bookmark item being second in the Bookmarks list also. They are little things, but can be annoying if you use them often. So here is how to hack Safari and change them around.


You need Xcode 2.0 for this or above. It's a 900MB download, and is also on a Tiger disc, unless your using the Jas Single Sided DVD for your hackintosh.


1. Right click Safari (Located in /Applications) then right click or CTRL click and select Show Package Contents.


2. Open the folder Contents then Resources and then English.lproj. Then open the file MainMenu.nib.


3. The menu should be opened automaticly. Then it's just double click to change names, and click and hold and drag to move them around.


APPLE+S to save it after. Don't delete items unless you know what your doing, as it's not just creating a new itme with the same name, you need to connect them.

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