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The story of the Linksys Wireless-G Router (model WRT54G) and how you can turn a $60 router into a $600 router is a little bit CSI and a little bit Freaks & Geeks


I've got one of those :) had it for ages running a custom firmware.

Currently running DD-WRT with custom iptables etc, it's amazing what you can do with it. Especially for how much I paid for it.

Depends on which version you have tho as to how much RAM/Flash mem etc it has.


You can also run similar firmwares on other routers like netgear etc :dev: just look up openwrt ;)


Should be quite easy also as a lot of new routers run linux on broadcom chipsets.

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I have WRT54G v1. Is there performance boost by going custom firmware?

The custom firmware provides more functions and also lets you tweak the wireless power for extra range. I needed the extra range. I bought 2 but gave one to my dad who was having problems with the range on his wireless network.


I mainly like it for the ability of custom iptables etc aswell, with added control of SSH. Also QoS & WPA2.

Also there are things like IRC bouncers etc that you can run on it.


I have a WRT54GS v1.1 which seems pretty excellent :compress: has a good spec:

CPU: Broadcom BCM4712 200 MHz

RAM: PC-133 32MB (2x16MB)


Seems to be totally stable.

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as i read on the site these pieces of hardware are the shiznick

i work on Cisco Equipment everyday as a Network Eng (NOC) and if i can get this thing working like a 2600/2950/airport all in one there is alot to say about this piece of hardware..


Working on it Working on it



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I have two of these wonderful routers. Both flashed with the TOFU firmware thus turning them in to 4 port 54G wireless ethernet bridges. I have one on my upstairs entertainment center (connected to my DTivo and my PS2) and one on my downstairs enertainment center (connected to another DTivo, my XBox 360, and an ethernet based security camera).


If you are interested you can google Tofu Firmware and get yourself a $40 wireless ethernet bridge.



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I have not ran an update to the firmware

but i re configured my linksys router to give my wife full band " 3 1" kbs to use for work

but i have to report that my macintosh is working smooth with the wifi

hold on let me explain

i have a p4 3.0 1gig ram with all my 1terrabite of storage and when i run the windows IE 7.0 it runs balls dragging slow but on my hackintosh its freaking smooth with me giving my wife the full band ..LOL..strange but i freaking like it ..it means one things


My hackintosh is balancing the band with my wifes ASUS Wifi laptop and i keep asking her is your remote desktop to work smooth right now.


Yea she says..


on my xp it will just lag on windows xp sp 2


just some info

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