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  1. For one reason or another I cannot enable windows sharing after doing a clean install of Kalyway 10.5.2. I installed it on this machine previously and windows sharing worked out of the box. I ran the JaS update to 10.5.3 and could no longer access any drive connected to my Sata RAID controller. So I started over with a fresh Kalyway 10.5.2 install, now my windows shares dont show up. I am not even given the option to enable it in System Preferences / Sharing. It's as if SMB did not install. I am able to access my Mac Shares and the connected printer from my various Windows PCs. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated.
  2. Nofences

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I realize that this post has gotten extremely long and most of us are too lazy to read it all, but no one like to answer the same questions over again. For your answer please see post #1379.
  3. Nofences

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Ok, I have come to an impasse in trying to get my AD1981HD working. What I have done so far - Retreived my Codec#0 file from Unbuntu (Attatched) - Tried AppleHDAPatcher versions 15 (Freezes) 14 (Freezes) 13 ( appears to work, text response attatched) & 11 (also appears to work with a different response than 13 (also attatched) - I have rebooted and deleted kextcahce and rebooted again All to no avail. I am still having the same problem, It appears that the sound is somehow being hardware muted. No Audio Device is detected in system profiler. There is a small circle with a line through it, icon below the volume bar (which doesnt go up or down when the volume is adjusted). I know from reading numerous other posts that this is a common problem with the 1981HD chipset, but I have also seen some people have gotten this working. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I am willing to try them. Thanks to everyone in this thread that are actively working on this problem. codec_0.txt Patcher_ver_11_Dump.rtf Patcher_ver_13_Dump.rtf
  4. Nofences

    Diamond XtremeSound 7.1

    My card doesnt have an optical out, I have no way to test... but just guessing, I would say no.
  5. Nofences

    Playstation 3 For Sale

    I am surprised we havent seen pictures of someone running OSx86 on their PS3 yet! (Yes I realize that is not realistically possible, but you can make a picture of just about anything!)
  6. Nofences

    Change Refresh rate on Black Screen

    Rammjet, thanks for the reply, it worked perfectly.
  7. Ok, running AGPGart on a Radeon 9200. Accidentally changed refresh rate to 44hz which my monitor can't display (not sure why it's even an option... is there any monitor that can display that slow?) I need to know how to change it back to 60hz. Any tips would help. Nofences
  8. Nofences

    Death of a President

    The best Signature I ever read went something like this.... "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics... you may win, but you are still retarded!" I think this applies to everyone here arguing the pros and cons of the Bush administration. Your arguments right or wrong mean absolutely ZILCH! You are wasting space on this forum, the elcetricity it took to power your computer while you wrote it, the brain cells of the people reading it, not to mention the 30 seconds to 45 minutes of your life it took to formulate your rant! So why dont we all go back to the areas of this forum that are actually productive and help some people steal software from Apple and get it running on their PC's!
  9. Nofences

    Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Ok, I installed Jas' 10.4.8 update and the only hitch I have is the inability to connect to SMB servers, I have tried running {censored}-X SMB patch but I still get an error -36. I tried to repair permissions from terminal to no avail... any help is appreciated. Nofences http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=26956 - {censored}-X Patch for SMB P.S. When I first rebooted after the update I tested this and it was working, after a subsequent reboot, I get the fix alias message in finder and the error -36 when I try Go/Connect to server EDIT: You're looking at a real retard.... forgot to allow access to the mac in Norton Security on the Windows PC. Got it solved!
  10. Ok, I have seen in a few other threads (referring to Kiko's update) that 10.4.8 can cause GMA900 series vid chips to no longer enable QE/CI... is this the case with Jas' update? Can anyone clarify this for me? Much Appreciated. Nofences
  11. First off... Thanks Jas, most of us would be Macless without you! My question... I am running perfectly under 10.4.7, is there really any reason to upgrade?
  12. Nofences

    Diamond XtremeSound 7.1

    I tested the rest of the channels. Front and Rear out work great... Center, Alt. Center, Mic in, and Line In do not work at all. Hope that helps. I imagine if someone knew the device ID for this particular chipset, we could edit the kext and try it again, but I have searched for it and had no luck finding it. Also, I was in Office Max today and saw the Diamond XtremeSound 5.1 for $19.99 I would assume it uses the C-Media chipset this kext was originally written for since it is a 5 channel card and not a 7 channel. But I am only guessing. Nofences
  13. Nofences


    I have two of these wonderful routers. Both flashed with the TOFU firmware thus turning them in to 4 port 54G wireless ethernet bridges. I have one on my upstairs entertainment center (connected to my DTivo and my PS2) and one on my downstairs enertainment center (connected to another DTivo, my XBox 360, and an ethernet based security camera). If you are interested you can google Tofu Firmware and get yourself a $40 wireless ethernet bridge. Nofences
  14. Nofences

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    OK here it is, better late than never... Didnt want to post it until I had everything working. Nofences