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Now that's a cool ad!

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Microsoft decided to gave Nokia a much-needed hand and came up with a Nokia Lumia 920 commercial that's brilliant and dangerous at the same time: will customers get the message they want to send - why bother arguing about two more-of-the-same products when there's a much better option around? - or, after all the laughs are gone, will people only remember that no one fights about a Windows Phone?


Decide by yourselves:



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The two, with the same SMphones, also have something to argue about, namely which colour is the best/better - red or yellow. :)


And I wouldn't fight for Lumia either (or any other SMphone for that matter) :)

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I dont like any mobile phone, and i dont text message or answer text message, if its not wearth saying to me dont bother.

Perhaps im getting stuck in my ways HEEE HEEE


It has become difficult here (Italy) not to have a mobile phone at all. People are going in the opposite direction, they leave traditional phones in favour of mobiles. So when you need to phone them (and you will), do you use a home telephone? It will cost you a fortune.

As to text messages I used to feel like you, but then I came across somebody who uses text messages as their main way to communicate. Then what do you do?

IMHO, you can't simply stop progress. OTOH it is also true that you don't need a top of the range mobile.

I believe the day will come when landline phones will become as obsolete as telephone boxes are now (here in Italy I haven't seen a telephone box in ages).

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A Text message. is very impersonal. when you here a voice. you can sense the mood of the person talking to you

you dont get that with a text.

text can be very late

text can be miss understund

all texts are stored on big servers for 3 years.

i do have a modile phone just dont like them and only use it for voice calls.

all my friends know i dont do texts. any one else i tell i dont do text so dont send any as thay will be not answered

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