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  1. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Im back Buddy, do me a favour, forget distros..do a CLEAN install with the kernel I provided on my guide
  2. AMD APU mountain lion support

    But..dude..that is my graphics card..why didnt that happen to me???
  3. AMD APU mountain lion support

    you got graphics? well...your luckier than me whats your graphics card?
  4. AMD APU mountain lion support

    yeah i got sound. but you installed? in the instalation you cant get sound.. just on the installed partition ;D
  5. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288216-amd-apu-mountain-lion-support/
  6. No and..APU related..go ask in my topic please Niresh for APU is a NO GO. any method youll find..Clover is the one to use..use my guide.. dont be a smart ass...I ve tried allll of the methods.
  7. Now that's a cool ad!

  8. Possible to modify a DSDT.aml ..?

    Feito da ai uma ajuda..ja tentei imenso :/ Edit: a que nao da é a 7520G Integrada
  9. Possible to modify a DSDT.aml ..?

    e da para ajudares? a nova beta do ubuntu 13.3 ja tem os drivers
  10. Possible to modify a DSDT.aml ..?

    Mas olha la..se se extrair a dsdt pelo linux o mac pode vir a reconhecer a ethernet e a gpu? ..e ja agora.. no linux sei que ja ha drivers para a minha placa grafica..ha meio de reprogramalas para kext?
  11. AMD APU mountain lion support

    So..the tutorial : 1- Make sure your hardware is similar to mine: AMD A6-4400M Hp laptop pavilion g6 (Others might work or not, Im here doing a quick guide for my laptop with that cpu) 2- you need a legit copy of 10.8 or any other will do..lets go with 10.8.3..(they all work the same and for having that legit i assume you bought it on apple and so you have a working hackintosh or an actual mac. 3- Find a USB pen (SD Card may work..depends on YOUR BIOS..mine doesnt like them..so I recomend USB :wink2: ) then partition it with disk utility..so you have a partition for Clover and the installation on the same USB pen drive (8gb or 16gb..I use 16gb) (Big space for Install and around 1 gb or less for Clover (FAT32). 4- Restore the image of mac install (first mount it to the system and then restore it!) to the right partition. 5- As long as that is going install Clover on the other partition choose the options wisely. (I use UEFI mode..but for some of you Clover might boot in legacy mode..in my laptop..it doesnt.) 5.1- In case you are whilling to try..Ill leave here my Full Clover installation..but ATTENTION! Might not work for you!! So dont be lazy and create your own Clover and put the necessary kexts your self that Ill be providing within the link: https://mega.co.nz/#...B2YMcVrbY7mC-Zs 6- As soon as the image is on the partition..delete the file called: "mach_kernel" and go grab the AnV's kernel: (will put here the link after lunch, or use the forum ) and then rename it to mach_kernel and paste it on the install partition. 7- NOW (in mine it works this way) go to BIOS deactivate legacy boot, then leave the safe check on. Boot from USB Pen Drive and let it complain that it isnt safe. After that go to BIOS again and deactivate safe check ..otherwise Clover wont boot :wink2: 8- Install the mac OSX. 8.1- You'll have to put drivers for PS2 trackpad and keyboard..or use my example that has everything there already. 9- IF your using dual boot then after installation go on windows and change the vanilla kernel with the AnV's (with a program that allows you to write on HFS+) or: 9.1- Boot again into Installation partition.. go on Terminal and: Then, when prompted, type this: mount -uw / and hit enter. Then type cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/name\ of\ your\ HDD and hit enter. or I.e.: cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/Hackintosh I.e.2: cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/My\ HDD (you have to use "\ ", without the quotes, when the name has more than one word. You were a good boy and named your HDD with a single work, right? That makes things rather easy) (Will depend on the name you gave to the mountain Lion HD partition ;D ) 10- Then reboot, still using the USB Clover, but this time select your HDD. 11- Congrats! If everything went right you are by now configuring your account ;D 11.1 - The rest of the kexts..is actually up to you..because the hardware probably is diferent ;D 12- Good luck !! ;D I was the first to make it work with an APU ..Join me in figuring out this unknow Land ;D If it works please post here so we can know..and if it doesnt post so we can try and help you! ;D Credits to all the ones that helped me making this true: theconnactic , clemj06 ,134 gils83 and many others that participated on this topic ;D
  12. AMD APU mountain lion support

    i called hp and they said there isnt any unlock bios.. you have to actually confront them mate and..there isnt.--
  13. AMD APU mountain lion support

    dude always do -v if only -x -f kp will always be there xp and dude those errors are way before osx boot..thATS CLOVER RELATED
  14. Anv worked fine..just had the wrong strings thanks anyways ;D
  15. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Good news..it booted again muahaha up and running going to leave home for about 3 or 4 hours and then ill do a small guide with everything i think that might be important.. and god ..i need wireless..and cant even get the ethernet working.--