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new 10.8 install

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hey guys was wondering if anyone has any ideas i have a system which runs 10.6.8 perfectly, i have since purchased a copy of 10.8 and created a myhack usb installer which installs great except, on reboot i get a boot error. i can bypass this by booting from the usb installer and then selecting the mountain lion drive, here in lies my next problem it doesnt boot... all i get is the apple logo with the pin wheel which constantly spins and goes no further. If i restart and do the same procedure with -x it starts and i can complete the new user/computer setup but on restart i and reboot i get the same apple logo and pin wheel spinning, i have started the machine with -v and a screen shot of the machine is below if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly apreciated, specs are below.






quad q6600


4gb ddr2

500gb seagate sata 2 hdd

7600GT nvidia

sata dvd rw


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thanks for the speedy reply scellow, how do you recommend i install it with the system the way it is at the moment should i boot my sl drive and then copy the kext into the extensions folder on the ml drive and the repair disk permissions?


hey artur i found that the update from 10.6 to 10.6.8 solved the graphics issue for me but unfortunately i cant get the os to boot correctly to do the update in 10.8


found a 8300 nvidia do you think that would be ok?

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