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  1. Very slow website.

    Why no communication on that issue?
  2. Only one issue for the moment: Night Shift only works on the main screen (HDMI + DVI) As a workaround i toggle twice mirror screen
  3. NVIDIA - new beta Pascal drivers

    This is why i like Nvidia, no matter where their users are they provide the right drivers
  4. Anyone know why the sudden jump From: 367 to 378 My hack feels way responsive and smoother (GTX 960), i guess they improved their Metal driver Bro, Flux is now useless, with 10.12.4 apple has a native alternative to flux, go in System Settings -> Display -> Night Shift, it's so much better
  5. Ok i bought a VGA to DisplayPort adapter, and i can now use a 2nd monitor
  6. What you did to be able to plug a 2nd monitor?
  7. Still same issue, KP when i plug a 2nd monitor... Even after updating to beta 12.2 with latest driver, i give up with OSX..
  8. Same for me, GTX 960 Gainward If i boot with screen on HDMI port, it works, but as soon as i plug my 2nd monitor to the DVI port, i get a kernel panic
  9. GTX 960, Kernel panic when i use 2 monitor (1 HDMI, 1 DVI) If i boot with only HDMI, then i plug in the DVI one, then i get KP too This is bad..
  10. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    What about performance, and that new file system? do you mind doing some benchmark and post here please ?
  11. Apple's WWDC 2016 runs June 13-17

    It'll all be about siri on mac os, and domotic stuff..
  12. It says no driver found for my build: 15G7b, i believe it's the 10.11.6 Public Beta 1 But anyways i found a workaround pkgutil --expand WebDriver-346.03.10f01.pkg test.unpkg Then i edited the script in the file: Distribution lines: 40-41 var supportedOSVer = "10.11.6"; var supportedOSBuildVer = "15G7b"; Then: pkgutil --flatten test.unpkg/ fixed.pkg Now the version check pass and i can install it Then i patched the build number using your app I'll reboot now, hopefully it'll work It worked
  13. I left the hackintosh scene for a while, can you explain me how you bypassed version check in the .pkg installer please?
  14. - 346.03.06b01 Bug: "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" doesn't work, i get "Failed to create OpenGL device!" error Do you think NVIDIA will add Vulkan support in their web driver?