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Help installing Mac OS on ASrock B75M-GL with Intel Celeron G530!

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So I wanted to ask how to install any kind of OSx86 Mac OS operation system on ASrock B75M-GL motherboard with CPU: Intel Celeron G530 :). I've waste about 15 DVDs with no-working images of ready for use versions of Mac OS for PC :wallbash: . I have never worked with OSx86 or any kind of Mac OS things (hacking or other) but I know how to work with Hex-Editors, reverse engineering, programming (ASM, C++) and I've never been working with such low-level things like OS or anything either (however I have installed some Windows with DVDs). So if I had to do something more special :wink2: I'll try to learn new things but anyway if there is a worked-out method for my PC settings - please share. Here are my PC specifications:


















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