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How to enable Safari with 10.7 64-bit or 10.8 on AMD machines

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So you installed Mountain Lion in your AMD machine. You did it despite all you heard about heavy graphics corruption rendering the system unusable, at least in a hardware accelerated environment. But you also read some ATI cards would work with full QE/Ci, with enough stability to make your big cat purr, so you researched and asked, read and compared, and then bought an ATI card that could give you reasonable expectations and, voilà, it did work like a joy! Or perhaps you already had an ATI card and found out that it was in the joy list, or even wasn't there and you decided to give a go anywhay: if you don't play the game, how can you win - and you really did it.


So you installed Mountain Lion and, after found all or almost all drivers you needed for your machine to fully work, you could realy brag about having a top notch, modern and innovative OS, roaring like an alpha cat on your not-so-pricey machine. Mission control? Improves yor productivity. Full screen apps? Really smooth? Cloud services? Well, that was hard but you found a workaround and perhaps have it working? Safari 6 and its iCloud integrated browsing? Huh? Well, if you like letter soup games, or solving word puzzles, or even admiring abstract pictures, you might as well have enjoyed it. Otherwise, you swtched to another browser, like Firefox or Chrome: they have some fine-tuning options, and you found out that, by disabling hardware accelerated compositing, they worked just they should.


It really bothered you: besides missing the iCloud tab, which is a cool feature in itself and could be very helpful if you are a happy owner of an iDevice, not being able to use a core app like Safari felt like being able to watch the movie, but sitting behind a man with a big hairy head, or being served delicious pancakes, but with no syrup, or visiting Paris, only to find out the Louvre was closed for maintenance. Having the OSX experience, but not all that experience you could. Up to now, you had to live with it, because the fine-tuning options that saved the game for the other browsers are simply not available in Safari.


Up to now, because in fact they are available. And i'll teach you how to make them naughty tools to show up, and how they can grant you the Safari experience you were craving for.


First, open our good old friend the terminal. Copy this to the window and type enter:


defaults write com.apple.safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1


Then open Safari. You'll see the messed graphics it usually have shown, but at the top, there's the menu bar, and you'll find a new guest there, the debug option: Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.02.41 AM.png


Clicking on it, this window will show: Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.04.46 AM.png


You will select Drawing/Compositing Flags and another window will show up: Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.06.28 AM.png


Then you'll check Disable Canvas Accelerated Drawing and Disable Full Page Accelerated Drawing in New Windows, just like in the last picture. That done, restart Safari and you will be able to try the Mountain Lion version of this wonderful browser on your AMD hackintosh. Live with that, Intel users!


Enjoy your Safari. Be kind with the wildlife!


Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.12.48 AM.png


All the best!

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Disable Canvas Accelerated Drawing is greyed out in my debug menu! Why is that?


Disable Full Page Accelerated Drawing in New Windows then Disable Canvas Accelerated Drawing.

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With the graphics issues taken care of, does Safari work OOB without this workaround?

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With the graphics issues taken care of, does Safari work OOB without this workaround?


It does on Mavericks yes and ML hopefully if the patch can be ported over successfully. 

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