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GT230 works in 10.8 but not 10.8.3

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Core i5 2400

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 UEFI Ua5

OEM nVidia GT230


I have two USB installers, one with 10.8 and one with 10.8.3, if I install ML from vanilla 10.8 then I don't need to do anything other than PCIRootUID=0, it will boot both installer and installed OS.


If I upgrade that installation or try to boot from 10.8.3 installer it gets as far as DSMOS has arrived then goes to black screen and monitor goes into power save.


I've tried multiple combinations of ports on the card and -x, ge=n, etc.. and nothing I do works.


Does anyone have any ideas, thanks.

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only to boot is not enough


must see if the card is native enable ? with QE/CI


to boot in 10.8.3 remove nv*50*.kext or nv*100*.kext from installer, or both


and u should boot


-f -v GraphicsEnabler=No


good hack

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I've tried removing the kexts and booting with the options you suggested and still not working, its so irritating because it will boot with 10.8.........

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