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  1. VTX3D 7970 Latest Clover / SMBIOS iMac14,2 Issue: Grey screen on install, if I move the mouse to the right it appears on the screen. Solution: ? Exactly same EFI folder works fine for El Capitan.
  2. Did a final reinstall before I was about to go back to Windows full time with a fresh USB stick and the latest clover using the injector and everything seems to be working now. I have removed the USB2 onboard headers from the injector as I don't use them.
  3. I have checked port addresses in windows and they seem to match the addresses for OSX. I think the problem is with my keyboard, for some reason it uses 2 addresses but only 1 USB port.
  4. Bit of progress. Removed the injector and deleted what I thought were the onboard header ports in the DSDT and the OS boots fine now and USB3 speeds are working but some of the ports don't work obviously because the mapping is wrong I deleted the wrong ones. This 15 port limit is annoying, there are 21 ports in my DSDT and it would probably fully work without any hacking or patching if there weren't a limit. Just gotta figure out how to map the correct ports now.
  5. Yes it's not a one off. The ports work perfectly fine at USB3 speeds in Yosemite and El Capitan works fine with all ports at USB2. Using the exact same DSDT but with the injector the OS works fine but USB3 transfers do not.
  6. I booted DSDTless and injecterless in Yosemite, and it seems the injector is mapped correctly? The missing ports in the injector are just the onboard headers I don't use, my case has front USB3. Created yet another fresh installer and managed to boot into El Cap and things showed up as being USB3 but when I try and copy files to them the transfer freezes.
  7. Did a fresh install and my drive lit up with blue LED but EL Cap failed to start. I guess the mapping in injector is wrong.
  8. Thanks for the help anyway, much appreciated.
  9. Thanks but still no joy, everything is still USB2.
  10. I'm using Easykext Utility. I have changed it to iMac15,1 will see what happens.
  11. It is a Gigabyte H87M-HD3. I have attached the Injector I used, I'm guessing I must have messed something up. USB_Series8_Injector.kext.zip
  12. Thanks but the injector didn't work. IOJones doesn't show XHC as being loaded. The addresses for EHC are different. A usb3 device running at usb2 is @1d120000 in El Capitan, though the address in Yosemite with a USB2 device was @14200000.
  13. Sorry for being so dense but I still can't figure this out. I installed Yosemite and in iojones it doesn't say HS01 HS02 etc.. or show any port that has nothing plugged into it, it just shows what is plugged in and the address after the @. Using a USB2 and USB3 device I've managed to get all the addresses for all the ports but I'm struggling to match them in my DSDT. The addresses are as follows front bottom : 14100000 USB2 - 15100000 USB3 rear usb2 top: 14b000000 rear usb2 bottom: 14c00000 rear usb3 on own top: 14a00000 USB2 - 15600000 USB3 rear usb3 on own bottom: 14900000 USB2 - 15500000 USB3 rear usb3 on ethernet top: 14400000 USB2 - 15400000 USB3 rear usb3 on ethernet bottom: 14300000USB2 - 15300000 USB3 In my DSDT SSP1 says { Method (_ADR, 0, Serialized) { If (LEqual (And (CDID, 0xF000), 0x8000)) { Return (0x10) } Else { Return (0x0A) } } Name (_STA, 0x0F) Method (_UPC, 0, Serialized) { Name (UPCP, Package (0x04) { 0xFF, 0x03, Zero, Zero }) If (LNot (And (PR3, One))) { Store (Zero, Index (UPCP, Zero)) } Return (UPCP) } Method (_PLD, 0, Serialized) { Name (PLDP, Package (0x01) { Buffer (0x10) { /* 0000 */ 0x01, 0xC6, 0x72, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, /* 0008 */ 0x69, 0x0C, 0x80, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 } }) CreateBitField (DerefOf (Index (PLDP, Zero)), 0x40, VIS) If (LNot (And (PR3, One))) { And (VIS, Zero, VIS) } Return (PLDP) } } How do I tell what address SSP1 is?
  14. I don't understand what this thread is telling me to do. In the injector kext it says: ] What is FQAAAA==?