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Dell Dimension 4700, 10.6.8 & latest security update - all working

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A few years back I used to run 10.4 with Jas boot discs and the like. Upgraded to 10.5 for a little while before restoring windows and giving the computer to my parents. I got bored the other day and set out to install 10.6.8 as vanilla as possible. I thought I'd share my working system for anybody who might still have one laying around,etc.
Dell Dimension 4700
3.0Ghz P4 HyperThreading
Intel ICH6
SATA boot drive, PATA DVD drive and data hd.


S/L/E (needed for PS2 kexts, appleac97, IOATA-contains appleintellPIIXata and IOATABlockstorage, appleintel8255x PUT inside of IONetworking family)
*Replacing with usb keyboard and mouse in a few days and should be able to delete PS2 kexts.

ACPISensors, AHCIPortinjector, ATAPortinjector, FakeSMC,Sleepenabler
devices-properties string is only used to get app store working even after ethernetbuiltin=yes, dsdt edit, and ioreg confirming builtin.
**WARNING: DSDT is using NVIDIA 6600 edits, nvcap needs to be changed for your card. Used DSDTSE**

- Anyways onto installing, using any tutorial found on this forum, I created a snow leopard usb boot drive.
- Installed (ps2 keyboard working in install, mouse didn't but used keyboard shortcuts to do entire install process), rebooted with USB boot drive, installed 10.6.8 combo update, installed chameleon and moved files to respective places.
- Currently I have the kernel, (test 8 is the name i used to differentiate from test7 but I cant remember where its from) in the root of the drive
- Booted off the install hd, run system update, update including security update, make sure edited kexts are still in S/L/E (if using S/L/E).
-Had to delete AppleEFIRuntime.kext from S/L/E and then kextutility otherwise I get a kernel panic
- Reboot and should be completely updated and fully working system.


**Looking to get all 5 hd audio ports working, or at least being able to remap black output to the green output**

** If anyone has anything to add optimize this system further (dsdt fixes, removing kexts for more vanilla etc), I will definitely try it out**
Starting point - http://blog.katharsys.com/?p=819
Kernel im almost positive im using - http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=1675
Latest chameleon - http://www.insanelym...aller-binaries/
others I cant remember off the top of my head, I can find them if anyones interested.

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I gotten the system working perfectly booting arch=i386 thanks to the community.  I have upgraded to a P4 670 which is capable of 64bit and am hoping to take advantage.  When booting with the most recent chameleon it crashes (immediate restart) using the supplied kernel by the OP.  If I put arch=i386 in the Boot.plist file then add force64 it boots and will run 64 bit programs occasionally with issues.  Downgrading to chameleon build 2269 allows me to boot 64 bit without using any flags.  However some programs crash/glitch running is 64bit mode.  Firefox and Logic in particular.  I would like to try different kernels however am having trouble finding working links.  Perhaps I'm pressing my luck.
I believe I have updated to the latest ACPISensors.kext and FakeSMC.kext
I had kernel panics using the supplied AC97 Kext and have seemly successfully switched to this one By Paulik, from Russia.  It even supports 6 channels.
On one of my install attempts I was able to watch YouTube videos in Firefox using the nVidia 9800 GTX running smooth as silk.  I believe I was using the supplied audio kext for integrated audio but listening to my HDSPe AES audio card.  My understanding is that Mac OS X must have an integrated audio driver installed as a copy protection measure.  Certain programs don't work without it such as terminal. 


The old AC97 Kext would boot fine in 64bit,  However whenever a sound was played through the AC97, or attempt to access the sound system preference menu, it would kernel panic and make a very cool digital sound!  However when accessing sound preference pane, system preferences would crash, even in 32bit mode.  I decided to reinstall instead of try to fix the problem.

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I believe I have figured out what's going on.  It seems that The 64bit processors that Apple uses all have the SSSE3 instruction sets.  Not to be confused with SSE3.  So I suppose any 64bit program relying on that will have a problem.

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Thanks for the head up!  I believe that I'm using Nawcom's legacy_kernel-10.6.8.v2.  However I haven't be able to identify the Original post's kernel which also seem to work well.  I'm speculating it is Nawcom's 10.6.8 V1?


You cant run a Pentium 4 on a vanilla Kernel can you?


Edit:  I Started having problems booting after switching things around.  It seems that moving all the kexts from the Extra folder to the S/L/E folder solved the issue.  Especially FakeSMC.

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