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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    is that Yosemite? Here is another flavors 2 desktop. Colorful sidebar courtesy of Xtrafinder. Widgets on the desktop via WidgetRuner. Hint: add <key>LSUIElement<key><true/> to the end of the info.plist in the app folder to disable doc icon and menu in top bar AFTER you have your widgets set up.
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Snow Leopard is the best! I still miss the brushed appearance of Tiger though.
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Still needs some cleaning up. @Allan Firefox used that one as a first web page displayed after install. What is the lightning icon top right? I'm loving the minimalist walpapers. How come I don't see anyone using XtraFinder. It's a must on the Mac. Even considering it is a bit glitchy and insists on being updated.
  4. LOL - a min G5 PM? No, just for fun.

    I Love you! I'd like to see the back.
  5. Quadro 4000 runs hot 89°C

    I was not able to get graphics working with different graphics cards on Mac OSX 9 and 10 on my Dell Precision T5500. I seem to have gotten it running perfectly running 10.12.5 and a Quadro 4000. However as stated in the topic the card is running to hot in my opinion. As expected mac's fan control.app didn't work, Does anyone know how I can control the fan? Is FakeSMC.kext responsible for handling this? Should I look deeper into FakeSMC? Please advise thank you. Edit: Comparing between windows 10 and OS X 12.5. the temperatures and fan speeds are the same. I tested Under normal usage (web browsing) and GPU stress Test. False alarm. I'll report back if I get around to upgrading the thermal paste. I can't see why the GPU should be at 85° while only transferring/verifying files.
  6. Dell Optiplex 360

    They way I'm interpreting the wiki is: boot0af: flags the previously selected partition as active. boot0ss: simply boots an HFS partition and sets no flag. Boot0ss is useful if dual booting windows. Either should work whether on the USB install disk or "Macintosh HD". Is is important that you DO NOT install for UEFI Booting Only, and DO NOT install in the ESP. If your still stuck you may want to try that other bios block option. I'm not sure what that is. Of course make sure your set to boot of hard disk in the BIOS. I wouldn't recommend copying the folders over. I would recommend you copy over the config.plist, dsdt.aml, and the kexts into the appropriate places in your EFI folder. I would recommend moving the kexts from 10.10 folder to the “other” folder. You most likely know to install the SLE kexts with kext utility or other method. I must confess that there is a chance that my config.plist may be wrong. I was not aware that the cashe was allowing the system to boot... I was removing patches and boot flags and successfully rebooting and assuming they were not necessary. I did try to make sure it was correct before posting here but the possibility remains something could be off. Another possible Issue is clover and clover configurator has gone through extensive updates since I have done this. I'm noticing that the screen shot is r3763. Clover versions ranging from should work r3763-r3949. My Intel DH55TC failed to boot Yosemite after updating clover at one point. However it did boot clover itself not the OS X. I'll get back you you on the sound but i believe the kext was compiled for Yosemite and may not work with El Capitan. It was my understanding that clover does a wonderful job of disabling SIP. I haven't even had to think about it in my 10.12.5 instillation. I know SIP really sucks.
  7. Dell Optiplex 360

    Try installing bootaf in the MBR also what version of clover are you using. I have trouble newer versions of clover booting Yosemite. I'm using r3949.
  8. Dell Optiplex 360

    Be sure the NIC isn't disabled in the BIOS. It's easy to miss these things when troubleshooting. Good to hear it's working for you.
  9. Do mac cards work on PC or in osx86?

    I recently purchased a Quadro 4000 Mac from eBay. I am experiencing random losses of video signal especially under heavy use. This is in windows 10 and Yosemite. I have not yet properly gotten Yosemite working. I'm not sure whether I'm responsible for cooking the card, the card is not compatible, or I received a defective card. I have also gotten a PC version of the same card. So far I see no problems with that. Has anyone used a mac card with a PC?
  10. Dell Optiplex 360

    Lets try to get Yosemite zone working first. One of the reason's for can't find root device message is that your DSDT isn't properly patched. I would recommend grabbing my DSDT.aml from the "Clover and Kexts.zip". It is located at: EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched. Copy that to the root of your install disk, using an external enclosure. Type "/DSDT.aml PCIRootUID=4 -f" without quotes at chameleon boot loader. /DSDT.aml tells clover to load the DSDT. PCIRootUID=4 changes the PCIRootUID from the default value of 0 to 4, typically needed for Dells. -f tells chameleon to ignore the boot cache. Have you tried booting in safe mode? "-x" I'm willing to bet that the cache is causing the problem. The system didn't have a cache on the fist boot. I recall relying on -f to boot while straightening things out. If you are using clover. You have to enter the DSDT location in the ACPI menu. PCIRootUID=4 can be entered in the arguments. I believe the boot flags, -f -v -x for example, can as well. Otherwise you can select those options by pressing space bar on the selected volume. I would like to know if you can create a vanilla Yosemite USB installer drive off your PPC iMac. Then run the clover installer. The instillation to the USB drive should be done as mentioned above. Except don't install any Drivers64UEFI or RC Scripts.
  11. It's time to say Goodbye!

    I hear you. I often worry about the true pionears of the osx86 scene. We are truly spoiled by the hard work of the few. I believe you are making a good choice for yourself. Doing this stuff is bad for your health. I'm grateful for the knowledge and Kext's you have shared with us. And for the opportunity to pry under the hood of OS X. Thank you for your help. Wherever you go, may you go in Glory! I must ask... anyone? What is the dispute? Is this regarding forbidden web sights?
  12. Help with HP Z600

    I'd like to know what your graphics setup. I'm getting crashes/lag using graphics acceleration. Thanks.
  13. Help with HP Z600

    Just tried Matte82's instructions on my T5500 using clover 4035 and mac OS 10.12.2. The difference being I have installed to the disk booting my edited DSDT. When booting using Mattes82's kext setup i do not have your boot problem Sebus. As far as I can tell Matte82's instructions work just as well as the above mentioned DSDT patches AND edits. I'll try to get a hold of el capitan and see what's up. My machine freezes at the end of the second boot screen. Interestingly Sierra is much faster than Yosemite running with nv_disable=1. I think we need to get our own thread. Nice explanation MaLd0n. EDIT: I think I figured out your Problem Sebus. If your using clover, Try the Kernel and Kext Patch "ASUS AICPUPM" My machine won't boot without it. I'll have to look into what that does exactly.
  14. Dell Precision T5500 DSDT

    I'm trying to iron out this graphics issue with the T5500 Running 10.10.5. I'm experiencing reboots and crashes to the login screen within 3 minuets of being logged in. I was originally using Mac Pro 5,1 which most closely matches my hardware. I've found that changing the SMBIOS to mac pro 3,1 helps considerably. With the SMBIOS change the system seems more stable. It may have crashed once. I'm only using it for short times. However there is a noticeable latency with the video. I recall reading somewhere that there was a work around for this. It was mentioned i could find it on the yosemite zone web sight. However I haven't found it there or on google. I'm not sure I even found the official yosemite zone web sight. I've tried different video cards I have gotten working with other Hacks. All yield the same results. I'm curious/confused about the PCIRootUID=X argument. I'm aware in the DSDT it is listed as 4 (under PCI0). I have been instructed to change it from 4 to 0 on past Dells. I recently read on the forum that Chameleon will detect the PCIRootUID=X in the DSDT if it is formatted a specific way. Which mine is. I am assuming clover operates the same way: Scope (_SB) { Device (PCI0) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0A03") /* PCI Bus */) // _HID: Hardware ID Name (_UID, 0x04) // _UID: Unique ID Name (_BBN, Zero) // _BBN: BIOS Bus Number Name (_ADR, Zero) // _ADR: Address Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) // _PRW: Power Resources for Wake { 0x0D, 0x05 Furthermore I have Device (AMW0) listed as UID=0 if i'm not mistaken: Scope (_SB) { Device (AMW0) { Mutex (WMIX, 0x01) Name (_HID, "PNP0C14" /* Windows Management Instrumentation Device */) // _HID: Hardware ID Name (_UID, Zero) // _UID: Unique ID Method (STBY, 3, NotSerialized) { CreateByteField (Arg0, Arg1, TMP) Store (Arg2, TMP) /* \_SB_.AMW0.STBY.TMP_ */ } My Graphics card is on PCI2. This machine has a 64-Bit PCI slot listed as PCI7 could this be causing issues? I'm running a Vanilla installation using only FakeSMC bootflags: npci=0x2000 dart=0 ktext_dev_mode=1 Kernel and Kext patches Apple RTC, Asus AICPUPM, Edit: I switched to 10.12.1 Sierra now. Having similar symptoms except I can't get the desktop unless I us nv_disable=1. When booting with nv_disable=1, I'm seeing _UID 0 in the properties of PCI0@0. Wether I boot with PCIRootUID=4 or not. Am I reading this correctly? I'm no expert however it appears there is some sort of conflict between PCI0 and AMW0. Am I onto something? Removing AMW0 from the dsdt made the computer restart half way through the booting process. DSDT Min.aml.zip T5500.ioreg.zip