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Felix Chan

[GUIDE] How to install OSX Mountain Lion on a ThinkPad x201i

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Thanks to the help of this community, I'm now able to run ML on my ThinkPad. The only problem now is that I can't get backlight work after wake up from sleep. Other problems are solved more or less. Here is the guide:

  1. Download and Install iAtkos ML2 from: http://iatkos.me/for...hp?f=77&t=23105. Follow the instructions to burn it into a USB disk and install it. Note that:

    1. iAtkos is just a modified version of Mountain Lion to save your pre-configuration time; you can choose the original version of ML instead, with some extra efforts on pre-configuration.

    2. The best practice of burning the image to a USB disk is under a Mac OSX. If, however, you want to do it under *NIX or Windows, it would still be possible but may require extra efforts.

[*]After booting from the install USB disk, the resolution and keyboard should work correctly. In the case of a ThinkPad x201i, the resolution should be 1280*800, and the UltraNav pointing device and brightness control should also work well.

[*]Install OSX in your destination partition. I didn't customize the list of drivers loaded; The Chameleon bootloader seems to add the right parameters to the boot.plist file. In case you wonder, the npci=0x2000 and Graphics Enabler = Yes parameters should always be added to ensure a successful boot. (Which is done by Chameleon by default in this version)

[*]Reboot with your newly installed OSX. Prepare yourself with these tools:

  1. Kext Wizard: http://www.insanelym...aller-and-more/

  2. Chameleon Wizard: http://www.insanelym...-for-chameleon/

[*]Install the following kexts using Kext Wizard to resolve issues of the Intel HD Graphics 5700MHD:

  1. This enables CI (Thanks GhostRaider): http://www.insanelym...el-hd-graphics/

  2. And this enables QE (Thanks warraisraw): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286879-appleintelhdgraphicsfb-fixed-sl-1068/page__st__20?do=findComment&comment=1895588

[*]Use Chameleon Wizard to install this dsdt.aml to resolve other issues: https://mega.co.nz/#...DQaX2Svi9HPKFDs

[*]You may need to install other kexts to enable better power management, battery, sound, etc. Here is my SLE folder: https://mega.co.nz/#...XH0ySBnWGJkKu64. Note that you should not install them all without your own judgement; otherwise your OSX may not boot any more. In case that happened, boot instead with your install USB disk, head to the Utilities menu and launch Terminal. Use it to access the SLE folder of your OSX installation and remove bad kexts.

Hope this works on your machines, too!

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I'm having some trouble doing this. I burned iAtkos ML2 to a DVD-DL with a Mac. I've tried installing it with bunch of different options selected and unselected, but it's always gotten stuck with 2 minutes remaining and eventually says the installation has failed. I have even re-burned another disk and the result is the same. The last thing in the log is something about installer.mkg or something like that having an error. The computer is ThinkPad X201T with 2.0GHz i7 and Inted HD graphics. 

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