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Text Formatting Woes

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I have found that the WYSIWYG editor can be very temperamental. Here are some issues that I encounter on a regular basis on multiple computers, and OSes. This doesn't happen all the time, and since I only use Chrome it MIGHT be browser-specific...


In order of inconvenience:


1) When hitting backspace, my cursor will jump to the last formatted text (bold, hyperlink..anything really) and start deleting that.

2) Despite formatting looking good in the WYSIWYG, when posted font sizes will change without reason (example - in the editor all I did was hit bold on the bold parts, did not touch font or size)

3) Text directly before or after an image will change font size (example: scroll through "dis-assembly" taking note of font sizes)


I swear this isn't user error, anyone else encounter any of these??

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You're not the only one. I'm using Firefox on Linux, so it's not Chrome's fault either.


While writing this post, the WYSIWYG editor did everything you mentioned as well as demonstrating other inexplicable oddities such as nesting many ""s and ""s within each other.


I just gave up and inserted all the bbcode by hand.

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I can't reproduce any of these :unsure:


1) Tried this with the text "testing testing testing" and can't seem to replicate. Any specific post and line where this is happening so I can check?

2+3) Are these the only posts where this is happening to you? I know there are some weird things where BBCodes look like they're removed but they really aren't


There have been some big editor changes in the more recent versions of IPB which might fix some bugs. I don't know when that upgrade will happen here, but most likely in a while

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1) As far as the backspace, it happens most often after using the formatting buttons. While writing this post I tried to bold something, went to the next line, and then hit backspace. It jumped to the inside of the [/ b ] tag, so I think it's all definitely related!!


TRYING BOLDmatting.Lets see if this line has different for



Yep, definitely related to BBCode formatting. So, to recap:


When I use BBCode (bold, image...really any of them), then start a new line, whenever I press "backspace" it will jump to the last BBcode brackets and start deleting from there.


Glad to know I'm not the only one :D



BOLD TEXTowNew line hit backspace n



That should make it clearer.


2 & 3) Happen sporadically, but probably once every 4-5 posts. It's very strange since I'm not touching the font or font size buttons, but it only happens after other BBCode. Seems like a conflict to me, somewhere in there...

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I should mention that it's not a huge deal since I'm familiar with BBCode, but it does get a little irksome during longer worklogs, and of course we want the easiest experience possible for the community as a whole!

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I still can't reproduce, but we can still check if these issues have been fixed in the latest version :).


If you wouldn't mind creating an account @ community.invisionpower.com and posting in the "Test Posting Messages" forum to see if you still have issues with them. If they are fixed then we may upgrade sooner

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There are a few updates that we should probably do, but it takes a lot of time to prepare the skin and other changes that need to be done at the same time. There are two smaller updates that will be done first, then this will be added to the list. I know it might be annoying, but if you can put up with it until I have time then it would be appreciated :)

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#1 had me confused for a second yesterday. Thought I must have been touching the trackpad while typing..


When 3.4.5 is released, that will likely be the version we go to. The skin might take some time to update as most of it is done manually

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