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Mountain Lion on ESXi + HP ProLiant Microserver N36L (AMD)

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I'm Attempting to install ML (retail) in to a VM on ESXi vSphere 5.1 // HP Proliant Microserver N36L (AMD) but I'm having a mouse input issue.


Followed the following guide, but I used the AMD kernel from the development thread:



As per the guide I used my retail ML dmg to restore to USB, installed chameleon, extracted the packages from basesystem, AMD_kernel from the AMD dev thread, FakeSMC r615 and NullCPUPowerManagement kexts. I went with iMac 10,1 for the SMBios.


To run the install I extracted the USB to a dmg and uploaded it to a datastore then connected the cd drive to the dmg. VM is set for OS X 10.7 (highest it goes to, but apparently this works). I have also unlocked ESXi to run OS X on non-apple hardware (I have previously got OS X SL 10.6 running using the legacy kernel).


My issue was the installer loads to the language selection menu, but with no mouse and keyboard support so I can't get any further.


I have used USB Bus fix, Graphics enabler, Force 64bit, Ethernet Built in and cpus=1. (didn't work).


I then started adding in kexts from my SL install with which I got a stable 10.60 install, (I did find that any tweaks on that previous system did cause it to loose mouse/keyboard input through the console and over vnc, so it seems to be pretty fussy):











I then got keyboard, but no mouse input - any ideas how to get this working? Kind of important as I need to use disk utility to format the disk before install!


Lastly I then tried the following as a latch ditch effort:






But with no success.


Any insight on what to try next?

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Soo… anyone got any hints for getting the mouse to work in the console? Totally out of ideas now.

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Well, it kept hanging in the end and I gave up. I'm no expert at this so perhaps someone else can have a go. I thought it might have happened by now given the success that people are having on the amd development forum for ML.

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