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Project: A high level hackintosh for Vidéo Editing

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Hi All ! (Excuse my poor english, i'm French !)


I'm asking your opinion.


My plan: Get the most powerful Osx86 configuration available on the market today, with an unlimited budget, to vidéo editing (2000$ - 8000$).


The reason: Latest Mac Pro are beginning to be less efficient and are still not equipped with Thunderbolt. In addition, Apple announced the probable end of this model in europe.



- Video editing (Final Cut 7 & 10)

- Sound editing (ProTools etc.)

- Music- Not to play game.Prerequisites:

- Thunderbolt- Firewire 800 or 400.

- At least 16 GB of RAM.- A maximum of Silence (100% passive?)

- A config equivalent or more powerful than a Mac Pro (config max - http://store.apple.c.../family/mac_pro)

- 100% functional with latest version of Mac OS and latest update.


I've not found a motherboard with 2011 socket AND Thunderbolt, I will probably have to fall back on a motherboard in 1155. Ditto for the Firewire 800, which does not fit all motherboards.


I am convinced that this place is where I could get the best advice / quote for this kind of machine.


For the moment, I move into i7-3930K + MB with X79 + 32GO @2133Mz + 4 SSD Disks. but you probably even better idea!


When choosing the config will be done, I will send you news about the construction of this great hackintosh.


Thank you all in advance !


P.S.: if a nice moderator wants to correct my grammar, he does not hesitate!

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Hi! Comment allez vous?


Well, both the i7 3930K and the X79 are LGA2011, so no thunderbolt for this setup, as far as i know. What i recommend to you is:


I7 3770K - Gigabyte Z77-UP5-TH dual thunderbolt - AMD 7970 (working with Rampage Dev's guide: http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/about-amd-7970-working-with-full-qe/) - PS Corsair (i like the brand, but use which you trust more), minimum of 700W (1000W would be ideal) - WiFi TPLinh TL4800 - Any water cooling solution of your choice for overclocking.


Best regards!

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