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120hz Refresh Rate or Higher?

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Right now the highest refresh rate I can get is 60hz. Is there any software that will allow me to output more than that? If not, is there a way to manually edit anything to get higher than 60hz?


Some info about what I'm using is in my signature. I've searched all over without finding a solution. I've tried SwitchResX but it does not work.


Can anybody help me?

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Did you try using another connector than HDMI?


If you are referring to DVI, Thunderbolt, and so on, then yes. I have tried all connections possible. I am trying to d=get the "Soap Opera" effect with my Blu ray movies.


I believe 120 Hz doubling is post-processing done by the TV itself, after it receives whatever signal you're feeding it. It's most likely not capable of actually receiving 120Hz video.


Yes. Thank you. I have actually read this multiple times during my searching. I just can't figure out why my TV is not giving a high refresh rate with my Mac Mini. i Look at other TV's in comparison with mine and my eyes can surely see the difference.

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