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    120hz Refresh Rate or Higher?

    If you are referring to DVI, Thunderbolt, and so on, then yes. I have tried all connections possible. I am trying to d=get the "Soap Opera" effect with my Blu ray movies. Yes. Thank you. I have actually read this multiple times during my searching. I just can't figure out why my TV is not giving a high refresh rate with my Mac Mini. i Look at other TV's in comparison with mine and my eyes can surely see the difference.
  2. AbstrakNoir

    120hz Refresh Rate or Higher?

    Right now the highest refresh rate I can get is 60hz. Is there any software that will allow me to output more than that? If not, is there a way to manually edit anything to get higher than 60hz? Some info about what I'm using is in my signature. I've searched all over without finding a solution. I've tried SwitchResX but it does not work. Can anybody help me?
  3. AbstrakNoir

    Increase Mac Mini Refresh Rate?

    Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Friendly service. Graphics card is Intel HD 4000. I'm using HDMI cable. The max refresh rate that the Mini is allowing is 60hz. Sucks because I have a Plasma TV. I've read that thats the highest refresh rate that Apple will allow. But I was hoping that I could change that with software or manually editing some files.
  4. AbstrakNoir

    Increase Mac Mini Refresh Rate?

    I've been searching for a while but have not found a solid solution for increasing the refresh rate for my mac mini. I found SwithResX but it does not work. Any solutions?
  5. AbstrakNoir

    Show your computer running OS X

    This is my chit... Plexiglass is awesome...
  6. AbstrakNoir

    Introduce yourself.

    New here. Wasup.