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FT: a new term for Mr Berlusconi would be a disaster for Italy

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(You might need to register to the Financial Times, it is free).


Unfortunately at least 1/3 of Italians are politically illiterate. In almost 20 years they haven't yet learned that Mr Berlusconi is a dangerous clown who has brought Italy on the brink of bankruptcy and disaster.

Not to mention that he has managed to make Italy the laughing stock of the Western World.

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I absolutely agree with you. As an Italian myself (the real kind, not because my family has a pasta recipe), I have been very dismayed to watch from afar as Berlusconi takes Italy down from the inside. The first term wasn't SO bad, but since then he has run amuck, seemingly with no restraint from any voice of reason from ANY side of the table.


The only difference between him and other dictators from history? He smiles at the cameras and puts on a good show. The result is still the same: suffering of the people.

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