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  1. Huge thanks bro. Im going to check it out soon. My specs is: i3 6100, 2x 4g ddr4, gtx760
  2. I have a Sapphire HD7770 OC which is giving me troubles. I get a garbled screen output. Is there a known easy fix for this or do I have to figure this out step by step using the guide?
  3. I recently got this board since I found out about the Xeon 6 core "secret". So I have a this board + Xeon X5670. Can someone who has used this board long term give some feedback about how well it works? Is it close to flawless?
  4. 4everAnoob

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    Altough this guide is now very much outdated, some things are still of interest. You mention the touchpad only works after removing the "orange clitoris". Why is this and are you sure about this? The DSDT.aml of the first post only works if you have the exact same spec with NVidia graphics. Correct? (I have AMD). The best way to install now is to use Clover EFI. It works amazing, just a bit more work to setup correctly. There are a few things which still need work (using Clover EFI) - Touchpad doesn't work 100% with the driver I have, no pinch to zoom or 3+ finger gestures (the one posted here doesn't work for me, hence the question.) - I think CPU and Graphics power management doesn't work. I haven't touched DSDT / SSDT so I assume I would have to patch this - No Wi-Fi obviously. Working on it, but there are a number of viable solutions out there - SDHC reader doesn't work I believe - USB 3.0 seems a bit hit and miss to connect, but does work well - Volume control keys don't change the volume. This is due to VoodooHDA and can be fixed with a config edit. - Probably something else I can't think of right now Everything else (including M5950 / 6770m graphics) works really well! See first post
  5. 4everAnoob

    Can FirePro (=6770m) work properly? + HD6870 unigine black screen

    UPDATE: Old thread, I know, but for anyone else wondering whether this can be done... IT WORKS! Install with Clover EFI bootloader. Enable the following: InjectATI, Inject EDID and LoadVBIOS. Use "Cattail" for the framebuffer (FBname). Good luck!
  6. OK so now I think it might actually be working, because... When I boot to Mavericks installer on a known working computer (with NVidia GT240 works OOB), the installer also has tearing and glitchiness! But when installed, it works superb. So to recap, on my 8560w, when booting to Mavericks installer: - The graphics card is listed with the correct info and correct VRAM - It has much more smoothness / less glitches than if I would load it without injecting - But there is still some tearing Is this basically good to go? EDIT: WOW, IT WORKS! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
  7. Well yes of course that would be ideal. But is there a tool out there at all similar to myHack now? And unfortunately I spoke too soon about my HP. The graphics acceleration is still not working correctly. There is no transparency and dragging a window causes tearing. Sleep and even resume does work correctly though. I'm really not sure what I can do now. Or is it still simply a matter of adjusting the frame buffer (in my case Cattail) to fix this?
  8. I don't know why, but I am attempting AGAIN to get OS X running on my HP 8560w laptop LOL... It has a FirePro M5950 which = 6770m. So half a year ago I gave up because the situation was as follows: Using Chameleon, graphics injection works but display is not detected either due to EDID or connector identity failure, resulting in black screen. Using Clover EFI, display works but graphics injection fails, only 5 mb VRAM and no acceleration. Now I saw this post which I believe is very close to my situation: #45 He has a 7570m which is almost the same as a 6630m which is virtually identical to the 6670m (if not the same). If anyone already knows the right settings PLEASE POST! If not, I will hope someone can help so this can finally be resolved (or not) EDIT 1: HOLY BALLS, I try the newest clover EFI together with 10.9.5 using myHack, AND IT WORKS!!! for the first time EVER! EDIT 2: Off topic, but what do you guys use instead of myHack for Yosemite? For me myHack was always the best by far. EDIT 3: Spoke too soon. I don't think it works correctly. It shows up good in system info, but the interface is still glitchy/laggy and there is no transparency.
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    I second this!!! I can't use kernelcache with v1.01 (although it may be something else causing this issue...) EDIT: was using a different kext, v1.01 works perfectly for me
  10. 4everAnoob

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    How did you get to that result? Could you share it please?
  11. 4everAnoob

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    This sound like a load of horse {censored} to me. I think they also ban people who ask anything about Intel atom or pentium 4/D. Most of their tools aren't useful anyway. Un!b3ast is ok I guess, myhack is dead now so now the only other way is the manual install.
  12. Yeah, P5G41 is a good series for OS X. I have The P5G41T-M LX and everything works with only a few added kexts.
  13. 4everAnoob

    Can FirePro (=6770m) work properly? + HD6870 unigine black screen

    Thanks for the reply, however I checked this thread, and I'm still confused. Because the screen gets detected correctly, meaning EDID is not an issue. In chameleon bootloader screen always stays black. So you think it is a matter of patching the framebuffer and then the full 1024 mb VRAM will be detected and the card will work properly? I have all clover options enabled like loadvbios, injectati etc etc.. I havent tried patching framebuffer but the screen works so how will that help?
  14. Could someone plz help get the m5950 (=6770m) working properly? With clover no matter what it always ends up with 7mb VRAM and corrupted graphics... Also, my hd6870 shows black screen after about 15 seconds on unigine benchmark. Anyone else have this issue? SEE POST 4 FOR FirePro M5950 / 6770M SOLUTION!
  15. Could someone plz help get the m5950 (=6770m) working properly? With clover no matter what it always ends up with 7mb VRAM and corrupted graphics...