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Lenovo X220 & Lenovo T430 & X230

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I have the three lenovos mentioned in the title. Can anyone assist me with getting these working? I'm working on the x220 now and i have gotten 10.8.2 installed using ##### but have no internet, audio and several other things to look into.


Tried using this guide but have had some issues getting assistance.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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More like this:


Processor 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2520M

Memory 4GB, 1,333MHz DDR3

Hard drive 320GB 5,400rpm

Chipset Mobile Intel HM55

Graphics Intel HD 3000


If opening a post, it's best to provide this information, people will not google the model to find the specs, they will just skip the topic :)

Do you have Windows or Ubuntu installed? Mind checking what kind of audio chip and network controller you have?

The wifi is Intel, from what i have read, this will not work under OS X, a usb dongle would be a good alternative.

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Gotcha. Sorry, seems like every group has their own way of getting that info. I am working on getting the audio controller now. I got a dell wifi internal card and a dongle in card the wifi doesn't work. Was hoping to get the ethernet working. Thank you for the input. I have access to several types of lenovo laptops so i'd like to get guides built to help out the scene. I have a Macbook Pro Retina, Macbook Air and iMac so i am mainly doing this for contributing to the scene. With that said i'm not rushed to get it all figured out which is nice. Thanks for the help and i'll post the Audio info asap

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There's are guides up for the T420 here and here, maybe it's similar enough to the T430 that you can use them.

Three topics on the X220:


btw I found these using the search up top, booo hiss. You could have done this yourself :D

If you really want to contribute, then join the existing topics so that all the information stays in one place, this will make it easier for future users to find what they need.

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