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iATKOS ML only in safe mode

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Configuration: Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3, core i7-2600K, HD3000, Dell U2713HM


installation parameters:


bootloader options: graphics enabler, kernel cache, built-in ethernet, PCI Root-1, graphics resolution=2560x1440

patches: Disabler, EVOreboot, RTC patch, Mac model=MacBook PRO 8.1

driver: SATA=AHCI SATA, Audio, USB 3.0=P67/H67/Z68, graphics=HD3000, network cards


I've done about 20 installations playing around with various combinations of the installation

parameters. When doing a normal boot, I end up with the stop sign above the Apple logo

and when booting with -v the last output is: Still waiting for root device.


When booting into safe mode (-x) everything works, except that the resolution is 1920x1440

which I can not change and I can not login to the App Store.

I managed once (in safe mode) to get the correct resolution and then I was also able to login

to the App Store.

Also I managed once to boot into normal mode, but then I had the wrong resolution.


Most frustrating is the experience, that the system behaves different, even in two successive

installations using the same set of parameters.


So what exatcly does the safe mode and what can I do to figure out the correct set of

parameters in order to do a normal boot getting the correct resolution ?

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that the distro problems


tons of options, and when the user don't know what are selecting...




mac os x is for mac and developed for mac


hack mac os x is 99% of reading, googling, persistency and 1% of luck u hardware be compatible...


safe mode only load the essential kext to reach desktop, like windows...


good hack

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1. A working install of OS X

(this may be in a virtual machine or a native install)

to prepare the installer


Not true: the downloadable iATKOS ML disc image is for burning a bootable disc (DL DVD or 8 Gb USB flash drive), that can directly boot from any (Intel 64-bit CPU) motherboard, which has a correctly configured bios setup.

That's what it's designed to do, anyway.

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