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Hi all.


I'm trying to make a Mountain Lion installation over my Inspiron 14z, but i'm facing a lot of troubles to make it work. Installer didn't pass from "Waiting from root device", loading from a USB driver. I'm using ###### to generate the USB with ML.


All ports in laptop are USB3.


Laptop has hybrid-graphics, muxless. I don't have an idea if both can work, but in case that's not possible, i would suffice using the Intel HD 4000.


I've tried using -v -f USBFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No, but the only thing i get is the "Waiting for root device" error.


BIOS is updated to the last version available at Dell. Using UEFI with Legacy Mode Enabled.


What i'm doing wrong here? X3


P.S: Attached are a lspci (-nn) output, and SSDT's / DSDT tables, so you can check in a greater detail a probable solution.


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