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  1. skinmunster

    Clover General discussion

    @fau7i I'm currently also trying to patch the connectors, because my Sapphire 7950 Boost has four connectors (not standard) DP, HDMI, DVD-D and DVD-I. May i ask you: 1. Is your card listet later as PCI-card in Systemprofiler? (my is not listed, only visible within graphics/display tab) 2. Can you post your config.plist (regarding graphic card and kext-patches). Must i use GraphicInjections (default is on) or not to get full/native usage of my card? My card uses the standard PCI-ID's for 7950 (0x1002/0x679a),, but with GraphicsInjector No and Futomaki frame buffer the system will not display desktop. Thank you. P.S. Posted from iPad, sorry for bad words.
  2. skinmunster

    Clover General discussion

    Ok, added in previous post. @All: Seems to be fixed now - after changing systemtype from Macmini6,2 to iMac13.2, custom ssdt is loaded and applied, going to desktop. Now X86-Plugin is also loaded (hook inside custom ssdt). Got now 16,35,37,38,39 as CPU-Pstates, if i remember right same as with iMac-Definition / Chamelon. With MacMini6.2/Chamelon i got some more in the middle, like 23 .. @Slice: I also tried GenerateIvyStates (without custom ssdt), but only getting CPU-States 16 and 35, and no X86-Plugin loaded. Wondering why MacMini doesn't work here? Ok, finished for this evening, thank you all for fast help! Will come back tomorrow. Bye
  3. skinmunster

    Clover General discussion

    Hi k3nny, i read your other asus Thread here, got some ideas from there. Ssdt was generated by the Script from Pike. I will try to attach Logs later. Im currently using macmin6,2 as Modell, wil try later imac13,2. Bye
  4. skinmunster

    Clover General discussion

    Hi there, i'm a little lost getting my Custom SSDT working, need some fresh ideas, cause system stucks in a kind of loop, does not switch to desktop, if a custom ssdt is loaded (no custom DSDT) Booting in single user mode is ok, but after exiting this, it will not switch to desktop. If i remove custom SSDT it works as desired, but X86Plugin is not loaded. Ok, i switched from Chamelon to Clover-UEFI boot. Within Chamelon SSDT works, X86Plugin is loaded, Speedstep is ok! I dumped with UEFI-Clover my OEM-Tables: 6:278 0:001 Tables in Xsdt: 8 6:278 0:000 0. DDABF428: 'FACP', 'A M I', Rev: 5, Len: 268 -> FACP.aml 6:280 0:001 (Dsdt: DDAB4170, Facs: DDBE8080, XDsdt: DDAB4170, XFacs: 0) 6:280 0:000 DDAB4170: 'DSDT', 'A M I', Rev: 2, Len: 45745 -> DSDT.aml 6:282 0:002 DDBE8080: 'FACS', Ver: 2, Len: 64 -> FACS.aml 6:284 0:001 1. DDABF538: 'APIC', 'A M I', Rev: 3, Len: 146 -> APIC.aml 6:285 0:001 2. DDABF5D0: 'FPDT', 'A M I', Rev: 1, Len: 68 -> FPDT.aml 6:286 0:001 3. DDABF618: 'MCFG', 'A M I', Rev: 1, Len: 60 -> MCFG.aml 6:288 0:001 4. DDABF658: 'HPET', 'A M I', Rev: 1, Len: 56 -> HPET.aml 6:289 0:001 5. DDABF690: 'SSDT', 'SataTabl', Rev: 1, Len: 877 -> SSDT-0.aml 6:290 0:001 6. DDAC0408: 'SSDT', 'CpuPm', Rev: 1, Len: 2706 Found hidden SSDT 4 pcs 6:290 0:000 * DBEA8018: 'SSDT', 'CpuPm', Rev: 1, Len: 2706 53 53 44 54 92 0A 00 00 01 3D 50 6D 52 65 66 00 Internal length = 2706 -> SSDT-2x.aml 6:291 0:001 * DDA49A98: 'SSDT', 'ApIst', Rev: 1, Len: 771 53 53 44 54 03 03 00 00 01 76 50 6D 52 65 66 00 Internal length = 771 -> SSDT-3x.aml 6:293 0:001 * DDA48018: 'SSDT', 'Cpu0Cst', Rev: 1, Len: 2107 53 53 44 54 3B 08 00 00 01 D8 50 6D 52 65 66 00 Internal length = 2107 -> SSDT-4x.aml 6:294 0:001 * DDA4AC18: 'SSDT', 'ApCst', Rev: 1, Len: 281 53 53 44 54 19 01 00 00 01 EC 50 6D 52 65 66 00 Internal length = 281 -> SSDT-5x.aml 6:295 0:001 -> SSDT-1.aml 6:296 0:001 7. DDABFA58: 'SSDT', 'Cpu0Ist', Rev: 1, Len: 2474 -> SSDT-6.aml I named custom SSDT.aml as SSDT-2.am, i can see its detected, but always hangs. I also tried as -0, -1, -1 or -8, no change. Also (my initial approach), dropping OEMSSDT does not help. System Details: Asus P8Z77-M Pro, i7-3770k. Sapphire 7950. EFI/OEM/P8Z77-M\ PRO/config.plist, ACPI related: <key>ACPI</key> <dict> <key>DropOEMSSDT</key> <string>No</string> <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>No</string> <key>GeneratePStates</key> <string>No</string> <key>FixDsdtMask</key> <string>0x0004</string> </dict> EFI/OEM/P8Z77-M\ PRO/ACPI/patched/ssdt-2.aml Hmm. can't attach here ? (You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file) SSDT and boot.log - /Library/Logs/CloverEFI/will not be filled if boot hangs :-( Ok, also attached original dumped SSDT. Thank you very much, skinmunster Archiv.zip UEFI-Dump.zip
  5. skinmunster

    Unigine Valley (Highend OpenGL) Benchmark

    Ok, just another ATI 6870 (XFX Dual Fan), but running only on x8 PCIe 2.0 slot.Basic, with disabled AA:Cheers! Ok, additional values with the oclBandwidthTest-Tool (Thanks, mitch!) Running on... ATI Radeon Barts XT Prototype Quick Mode Host to Device Bandwidth, 1 Device(s), Paged memory, direct access Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s) 33554432 2618.5 Device to Host Bandwidth, 1 Device(s), Paged memory, direct access Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s) 33554432 2940.6 Device to Device Bandwidth, 1 Device(s) Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s) 33554432 105993.3 [oclBandwidthTest] test results... PASSED Valley.tiff
  6. @terrorgen: Could you share your actual board design, like zammykoo did? I'm interrested to build it for my own here in europe. Or maybe a pre-release version of the layout? Thank you!
  7. skinmunster

    v3nom's G5 ATX Mod

    Hi v3nom's you are a lucky man to get such a good deal for the cases! I'm currently do my planning for my own G5 mod, case is here, also power supply, all other thing still open. I'm looking for some good mod's, i believe i will go the no-cut way. But anyway, did you order directly from mountain mods or did you find a german seller? BTW, can you post a picture from the back after final assembly? By and enjoy die Aachener Printen :-)
  8. skinmunster

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi BlackCH I would like one of your cables can you please PM me the details, i am in Germany. Thanks a lot!