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Goes to sleep, doesn't wake

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Hi everyone!

I have an Hp dm3 1010el, I successfully installed ML and made work almost everything, but I still can't use sleep/wake.


Thanks to the great help of Maldon, I have a modified dsdt and so my hackintosh correctly goes to sleep, but when I press a key or open the lid, the leds blink and it crashes. I've read that it can depend from CMOS reset, so I tried patching AppleRTC but without any result.


Can someone make this Chrismas present for me and help me?

Thanks! :)

sleep:Proper combination for sleep is:

1) patched HPET, TIMR, RTC, PIC sections

2) patched EHCI/UHCI sections

3) patched AppleLPC kext to match chipset id

4) removed NullCPUPowerManagement,

5) patched AppleRTC kext to solve CMOS reset after sleep

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately my problem is not sleep, but wake.

My DSDT is already patched, and my system goes correctly to sleep (fan stops, hd stops, power button led flashes like it does when it's in standby under windows).


The problem is that when I press any key (after sleep), the system seems to try to wake up (leds on, fan starts to blow for a sec) but it immediately shut down.

If useful, you can find the patched DSDT at this thread:








5)done How can I see if the problem is CMOS reset? (I already patched AppleRTC, just to be sure because there are different methods)

What else can I do?

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1-Try to change hibernate mode:


i'm shuar is work(step one)

or not(step two)

2-Test this kext(Backup your :wink2: )


Thanks for your help, and merry christmas :)

I set the hibernatemode to 0, with no result :(

After that I tried your kext, but at first try my system doesn't wake as always, at reboot the kext didn't allow me to boot (saw it in -v)

Are there any other options?

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waiting for almost 4 minutes to get the system back on is not really a solution. rebooting would be faster.

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Hmm... i had a netbook that didn't wake from sleep because of graphics issues. Did you investigate that?


As i side not, i never understand the obsession of desktop users over the sleep functionality. When you're running a laptop is completely reasonable, since it makes no sense losing battery life with the system running, when you close the lid, which you end up doing frequently. But on a desktop? When the system is properly set up, the boot time is really not that big an issue, and all modern iterations of OSX have the ability to reopen the last used windows, so sleep is redundant, besides there's no need to turn off the system every time you need to be away for a couple of hours. My point is, the benefit it brings is not worthy of the time you lose fixing that.


Best regards.

I would like to get sleep working if it is possible. I don't have any issue with sleep/wake with Chameleon. It wakes up immediately. Just with Clover, it doesn't wake up. For some reason, it woke up with clover 1050 but it lost again.....weird. I know my system is capable with sleep/wake almost natively. don't need NullCPU or sleepenabler.


I need to figure out how to get my HD6870 working fully with clover, i guess.

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