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  1. I have been trying to install Yosemite on my old 2006 iMac (supports unto Lion only) and having trouble with Graphic Card. I am able to log in and use it but choppy graphic. So now I am thinking about using clover or chameleon boot loader to conquer (?) this problem. Before I even attempt, I'd like to know if it's even possible. if possible, do i just follow normal mackintosh procedure? Thanks in advance.
  2. todesto

    Asus P8Z77-V LK

    I have system running without DSDT currently and have sound working fine. I used vanilla AppleHDA and used Toleda's patch (clover method). I installed clover in my EFI partition, have audio ID as 1, check AppleHDA, HDMI in config.plist, run patch, reboot, I have sound working including HDMI.
  3. todesto

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    I believe as long as MLB/ROM/uuid value remains same, you should be able to log out or log back in.
  4. todesto

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    After reading many users are able to use messages again, I decided to give it a try. Ever since my hack stopped working as well as my MBP which was a donor of MLB/ROM value, I removed the real mac value from my hack to get my MBP working (which it did). Then I used MLB from my dead G5 (Yes G5 and it had 13 digit on the sticker), and used ethernet address of that G5 as my ROM and used clover generated serial and left smUUID field blank as well as customUUID, unchecked inject systemID and I was able to get contact customer support with error code. but I held off until yesterday. I notice I was getting same error code all the time whenever I attempted to log in, so I felt my system value is consistent. I called Apple, used my MBP serial number to reach a real person, he verified my identity using security questions, gave him my code, he enters it, told me that it's activated, then I was able to log in right away. I didn't need to reboot. I guess I was successful white listing my good old G5 MLB/ROM combo.
  5. todesto

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Does this mean Apple is taking additional steps to validity of MLB? I don't recall seeing that message ever before.
  6. did you remove dnsresponder patch like VirusX did?
  7. I can also confirm sleep is working properly. No more every two hour wake! I just got to my system, woke it up, check for wake on console, nothing since last night when I put the system to sleep until this moment.
  8. This RTC wake problem every two hour is fixed in 10.10.2? Finally!
  9. todesto

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    I have dead MacPro 3,1 and got MLB from the board and serial number which is registered to my Apple ID as well as ethernet address but since the MacPro is dead, I can't get ROM. But reading this thread, I should be able to log in to iMessage using valid MLB and ROM (using ethernet address)? +++++++++++++++++ Update++++++++++++++++ Tried it but didn't work. Gave me contact Apple Support with error code.
  10. @Mania10 I have a new issue. When I put my system to sleep/wake it will wake up fine and works (without DSDT), then when I put the system to sleep second time, it will wake up but then it will freeze so I have to reboot. When I use DSDT, it sleeps, but the fan turns on, and monitor turns on but nothing works after wake. Could this be graphic card problem? I had this system working fine before using HD6870 (with your help before) but not using that card right now.
  11. todesto

    Handsoff & AirDrop

    cloning doesnt work anymore for now. ********update********** There are some posts saying their messages on hack started working again. so maybe it's good time to try it right now if anyone needs to log off and log back on again.
  12. enjoying my new MacPro!

  13. todesto

    Handsoff & AirDrop

    Even though you don't sign out, it will sign out by itself. Just don't know when. BTW, you will have to log out and in again to get handoff/continuity working with iOS devices.
  14. I can boot into safe mode but don't know how to check which kext is updated. First I had updated thru app store, couldn't boot, so clone HDD with 10.10 fresh copy, downloaded combo update, installed but same thing. I even tried to replace kernel using 10.10 kernel but same thing. I will update when I go home. Thank you so much for your help.
  15. having problem booting with 10.10.1 update. It boots up just before entering desktop, then it reboots.