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An apple airport update was installed now wireless and ethernet are having DNS problems


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Hey guys I have a problem that I have searched around for a solution for and can not seem to resolve it without doing a restore to a from a older HDD (just upgraded to a ssd).


Im running 10.6.8 and everything was running great until I decided to check what apple updates were around.

There was an update for apple airport and a couple of others that I can not remember what they were but they were nothing major and I was not worried about my hack breaking.


The problem happened when the machine rebooted, my internet just would not work, no wireless and no ethernet.

The weird thing is that SKYPE and FTP both work just fine so I was doing my homework and it seems to be an DNS issue.


This happened once before and I decided to just restore the HDD from my original build(mentioned above). Everything was running great once again so this eliminated the computer hardware and my network, Router and ISP. At this point in time I did not know what happened to my machine as I had installed a couple of things real close together.


So my question is can I roll back this update (I have a timemachine) and if not what can check on this machine and change to get this working again.


Also, if your internet is working do not upgrade your airport software/drivers from apple (lesson learned).

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