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Dual-Boot using chain0

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Hello everyone! This is my first time working with the OSX x86 project, and I need a couple questions anwered before I'll feel comfortable proceeding.


I already have WindowsXP installed on my primary drive, and I haven't installed OSX yet. I don't want to make a partition on this drive for OSX, however. I have a second hard drive that I'd like to use (I'd partition it with the GParted LiveCD), and I was wondering if there were any special flags I need to put in the boot.ini file to use chain0 to detect OSX on my second hard disk after I add the "C:\chain0="Mac OS x86" line. So, my setup would basically be:


HDD Master: XP drive (NTFS)

HDD Slave: OSX partition (HFS+)/Data partition (NTFS)


If I can't use chain0, I did download WinGrub, but the instructions that came with it aren't very clear for me...If someone could point me in the direction of a WinGrub installation/configuration guide, or write one up and post one here, that would be great.




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