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  1. I just got my first MacBook Pro (latest version, running Leopard with all updates), and I have a question regarding firmware passwords and triple-booting. I'd like to set up a tri-boot between OS X, XP Pro and Ubuntu 8.04, and use rEFIt as my bootloader/menu. Now, I know how to do all that. I'm also looking at getting a program like Undercover in case of theft; they recommend a firmware password to prevent booting from another disc. Now, will that password conflict with rEFIt in any way? Or will it just make me have to type in a password every time I want to boot something other than OS X (which is not a bit deal)? Thanks! -Craig
  2. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    blozegotes- The problem might be your end; I'm having no trouble downloading the Ralink file. I'll email it to you when it's done -Craig
  3. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    Skylines, there really is no need to change the info.plist file. The download posted by Simania_NL in the first post has the modified kext (plist file inside kext) that is necessary for this to work. The next post by him is just explaining what the change is in his posted file. All you have to do is install the Ralink drivers, then COPY the kext you download from the first post to your Extensions folder, run the Terminal commands and restart.
  4. CD Wallet

    Hey guys! Recently I have developed a need for a large-capacity CD/DVD case/wallet. I have mutiple movies and TV shows that I'd like to keep all in one place, especially my Stargate SG-1 Ultimate Collection; the cardboard packaging sucks! It's scratching the discs, making some of them so bad even my computer won't read it! I need a large capacity; at least 200, preferrably more (I'd like to get all or almost all of my movies and TV shows in it to take to college next year). Sturdiness of sleeves, fabric and zipper is also a good thing. I just found this one on Amazon: Nylon 304-capacity by Case-It. All of the large-capacity holders have at least one bad review, some more. The large-capacity ones on Amazon are mostly Case Logic; I'm going to do al Wal-Mart/Target run in the next couple of days and see what they have. If anybody has any specific cases or brands feel free to share! Thanks much, -Craig
  5. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    JR- Did you try booting with a "-f" flag at the Darwin prompt? Me and several others (I think most everyone who's tried this has needed it) need it to work every single boot; try that and hopefully it'll solve your problem. If that doesn't help, I'm not exactly sure what to tell you...I just modified an existing solution, I really don't know much else! -Craig
  6. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    Paul, I'm not sure why it won't work either; I had to add the -f boot parameter to the boot plist file (I can't remember how to do that exactly, search around and you'll find it). That at least makes it less of a pain to do every time. -Craig
  7. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: ToH kernal via zephyroth AMD disc, no EFI Desktop/Laptop? Desktop Prebuilt? Manufacturer: Custom Model: Custom Motherboard Manufacturer: GigaByte Model:GA-K8N-SLI Pro Version: Bios Version: Chipset: nVidia nForce 4 Audio: working? patches? Realtek AC'97 Stereo working (system capable of 5.1 surround) without patch LAN: not yet tested (uses forcedeth kexts) Required patches etc? Necessary (for me) to boot via Install DVD and copy AppleACPIPlatform.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext to Extensions folder to enable keyboard and mouse (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&st=0&) CPU Model Number: AMD Athlon64 3200+ Recognised as: 2.01GHz Memory/DDR: 2x512MB sticks PC3200 Video Manufacturer: xfx Model: XFX GeForce FX 7800GT 256MB Bus Type: PCIe x16/AGP8x/onboard? PCIe Memory size: 256MB Dual screen working? not tested QE/CI working? Yes Resolution changeable? Yes Required patches or bios flashing? NVinject leo-only patch; required removal of built-in GeForce and NV kexts SATA/IDE working: SATA: not tested. IDE: Yes Wifi & patches? Linksys Compact Wireless-G WUSB54GC; newest Ralink utility and modified kext per this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...&pid=574323 (kext on first post, Ralink utility on my Jan. 10 post). Was also necessary to add a "-f" boot parameter to the boot plist file to force Kext reloads on every boot; unsure as to why. other peripherals/pci addon cards? N/A misc hardware: USB working, including flash drive and external maxtor HDD.
  8. [1.1.3] iPod Touch step by step jailbreak.

    I'll be getting my Touch in the mail next week, and I was wondering what Installer-based jailbreak for 1.1.3 to use? I have a couple sources identified, like ipodtouchmaster's, but I want other people's opinions before I do anything. ipodtouchmaster's seemed to be the easiest though (downloads 1.1.3 firmware and new apps). I'll be jailbreaking to 1.1.2 (I already have the stuff to do that), and I'd like to do 1.1.3 the same day. Any ideas? Thanks! -Craig
  9. With my Leopard install running and connected to the internet, I figured I'd get my music in iTunes. At first I tried just adding my entire "iTunes Music" folder (on my Windows NTFS drive), but that would lock it up. A friend of mine suggested setting symbolic links to the files and folders of my Windows iTunes stuff; that worked (I installed MacFUSE and NTFS-3G(. I can see my music when I run iTunes. The only problem is when I run iTunes, it starts "Updating iTunes Library" and the progress bar freezes anywhere from just over half to 4/5 of the way there, then iTunes locks up. I've tried a couple of different things (disabling internet connection, changing files, etc) but none have helped. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm open to any suggestions -Craig
  10. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    Hello! I recently installed 10.5.1, so I was also wanting WiFi with this device (I used it in 10.4.8 also). I tried the old installer, but it did not work. So, following the thought of attempts, I downloaded the installer for 10.5 and used the same KEXT and install method, with some modifications at the end. Enjoy! Download the KEXT attached at the first post, and also download the new Ralink installer from here: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/..._2007_11_26.dmg. (The actual page is viewable here: http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html. The 1st link is directly to the DMG.) Follow the instructions in the first post (ie don't reboot after the utility install, follow the terminal commands, then reboot). Now the different part: the utility will probably pop up and will probably see the adapter/any wireless networks (mine did). However, OSX did not. Here's what I did: 1) Open up System Preferences, click on Network. 2) On the side-pane listing your network connections, click the "+" (plus sign) at the bottom. This opens the create new connection dialogue. 3) Under the "interface" drop-down, there will be 1 or 2 "ethernets" depending on your system. I have 2 because of the forcedeth drivers. In my case, the first "Ethernet" was the correct connection. Give it any name you like. Click "Create". 3a) The new connection should come up in the side-pane; if it says "No IP address", proceed to step 4. If it says "Not connected", proceed to step 3b. 3b) This was probably not the correct "Ethernet" interface. No matter; Simply delete what you just created, make a new one, and select the "Ethernet" you did NOT select the first time. Give it any name you like. Click "Create". 4) It says "No IP address"? GOOD! On the right side, use the "Configure" drop-down menu. Select "Using DHCP with manual address". 5) Type in an IP address that your computer would normally have (example, on my network, my computer is assigned the IP, so that's what I used). 6) Click "Apply". 7) It should automatically fill in Subnet Mask, Router, DNS Server, and Search Domains. If it did, CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully configured your WUSB54GC to work in 10.5.x! I don't know if I'm qualified to help if you have any problems, but I can try; all I did was use the new installer, same kext, and created a new network connection....It is actually possible that creating the new network connection with the 10.4.8 method/installer would have worked, but it was nice to have something written for 10.5. Good luck to everyone! -Craig
  11. Triboot XP, OSX86, Ubuntu 7.10

    Hello! Just wanted to thank you all for the help you gave me. I got my tri-boot set up today and everything is working smoothly. Special thanks to 3pheremal for including his old OSX grub entry, because it didn't work until I added the "--force" parameter to the chainloader section. So thanks again! Happy New Year! -Craig
  12. Triboot XP, OSX86, Ubuntu 7.10

    Thanks for all the help! I think I'm going to take a stab at this today or tomorrow and I will be sure to let you know how it goes. One question I have though, is how do I make sure that GRUB is the bootloader I use? Should I just install OSX and Ubuntu in any order and then use the instructions provided in the link by 3phemeral to write GRUB to the root of the drive? Or is there another way? Thanks again! -Craig
  13. I've been thinking about doing a tri-boot for a while, especially since I downloaded the newest version of Ubuntu (7.10). I'm just not sure how to go about doing it. XP SP2 is on my secondary master drive, and OSX 10.4.8 is on my primary slave drive. My current boot system is the Windows bootloader and the chain0 file. What I'd like to do is wipe and partition the drive OSX is currently on, and put OSX on one partition and Ubuntu on the other. What order should I install them in? Could I install both and then use GParted Live to get rid of the boot flag on the OSX partition so the only bootloader is GRUB on the Ubuntu partition? When I get them both installed, I'm guessing I'd need to make the primary slave drive the first in boot order so GRUB will load up first. From there I'm not sure what to do (actually, I'm not sure about any of t his haha ). I found this thread in the forums about adding OSX to the GRUB, so I'm guessing once I get it set up I'd do that for OSX and XP? This is my first Linux install; I've messed around with LiveCDs before but never actually installed anything on an HDD. I look forward to your replies -Craig Edited to clarify OS versions @ 12:07PM Eastern 12/28/07
  14. Linksys WUSB54GC kext for 10.4.8

    Thanks for the info and files, Simania! I just got the 54GC and was hoping that it would work...I stumble across your thread and voila! Followed the directions exactly and it installed/is recognized no problem. Haysead, if I had to guess I'd say that "S" denotes SpeedBooster, the tech Linksys uses to make G faster/farther-reaching. You could try this solution with it, but I'm not an authority to tell you it should or shouldn't work. Thanks again! -Craig
  15. Building a New PC

    I'd stay away from SLI; It works ONLY if you don't want Quartz Extreme/Core Image enabled. I found that out the hard way...Once I installed Titan/nVidia accelerated Kexts, I'd try to boot and get a black screen. My 2nd video card is now sitting in its box, waiting for a really hard-core gaming day. I had talked to someone one the forums who said that right now there's no support for SLI whatsoever.... Also, if you get the JaS 10.4.8 disc, the AMD should work fine if you make sure you check the AMD box during install; I've got an AMD64 single-core and I've had no trouble with my installation at all. -Craig