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Apple announces all new iMac with Ivy Bridge


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When it rains, it pours! After being relatively starved of Mac updates this year, we get a whole slew in one go, with arguably the most radical one being the all-new iMac.


The new iMacs feature Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture with Core i5 and i7 processors, and a new manufacturing process to Apple called "friction stir welding". The screen is laminated to the glass to provide a "gapless" space between the two, which I'm sure must look incredible in the flesh, not to mention a less reflective display, no doubt using the same processes as the recently announced MacBook Pro Retain Display earlier this year.


The most stunning feature of course is the sheer drop in weight and thickness, with the edges clocking in at just 5mm thin - thanks in part to dropping the optical drive, which Apple appears to be championing across its entire range.


Specs are clocking in as follows:


• 21.5" 1920x1080 or 27" 2560x1440 IPS monitor models as before

• 2.7GHz i5 on 21.5", 2.9GHz i5 on 27" (i7 BTO option)

• 8GB RAM expandable to 32GB


• Up to 768GB SSD

• Optional "Fusion Drive": 128GB SSD + 1TB-3TB HDD

• Ivy Bridge architecture

• 21.5" pricing starts at $1,299

• 27" pricing starts at $1,799 available from December


Who's in the market for one of these bad boys? Anyone expecting retina display or hoping for more than this?


Click here to view the article

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I seem to live in the shadow of hackintosh, forever. Yet I want my machine to behave just like a Mac, or sort of. I want those fusion drives!

Seagate hybrid drives are kiddy stuff. Here they come with 128gig built-in SSD. The 27' is nice but the price is steep. Heck, all my computer+monitor are not even worth $500.00. Yeah, but I am happy it runs all Mac apps and never hiccups. It just looks so ugly and cheap.

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