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The Winner for the month of September 2012 is...

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Hi all,


Sorry for the delay. I was waiting for JamesLittler to get back to me on a qualifying question. As he did not get back to me about my question about making sure that Mac OS X was up and running on his modded system, I was still able to peruse through some of his bio info and found out that he does in fact have an operational Hackintosh running Mac OS X.


Although a slight delay congrats on the win my man on MacMod of the Month for September !!! GREAT CUSTOM MOD !!! :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:


Watercooled G5 Mod


Throw your Big-Ups to James through your comments when you have a moment... Until next month, later... B)

I like the rig a lot. Congrats on the MMOTM win!

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