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Hide entry in raid boot (Chameleon)


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Hi guys,


just a question because i'm too noob to fix this

I did a correct installation of mountain lion in raid0 and now @ boot i see two same entries of the same os (ML).

1 -> Macintosh

2 -> Macintosh 2


Both work, so i'd like remove one..


I tried with:


<key>Hide Partitions</key>

<string>"Macintosh 2"</string>


This doesn't work for this. But work (strange) for Windows.

Tried also to hide all partitions: hd(1,0 to 1,4) and also this doesn't work.


There's a way to do this?

Many thanks, Gabriele.

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They are boot helper partitions and are both there for a reason, I suggest you live with it. Since under RAID0 you system relies on the kernel cache on those partitions to boot, if you hide one of them and it's cache wasn't rebuilt properly during your prior boot, your screwed. Also having both allows you to make changes to the /Extra folders contents like DSDT, smbios, boot.plist, etc. for testing while leaving the other one alone incase of a problem you can still boot back into your system. Again, there is two for very good reason, don't hide one or eventually you'll likely regret it.

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