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  1. Hi, i have a little old mobo with socket 1156 no Sata 3 - biostar tpower i55 and i Was wondering if i had some chance to install a new nvme memory like Intel 760p. Due lack of support by my mobo i found a Pci Express card lycom dt-120 to expand my connectivity. After some researches i understood that i need a ‘bios support for the boot from nvme disk’. I want some of these nvme memory to install high Sierra and get a killer desktop. I think that i haven’t obviously a native bios support cause my mobo is pretty old, so i can’t get an nvme disk and install properly high Sierra hoping that boot? Or should i catch anyway? I Guess that same problem is for w10? Thanks, Gabriele.
  2. Ok, you right but i don't use kernel cache. But i'll follow your advice (also because there isn't anything option) u.u Thanks
  3. If i delete one i lose the raid. I can't do.
  4. Yeah, sorry guys.. just a type error. I hide correctly a partition, but how i wrote for my "Macintosh 2" doesn't work
  5. Hi guys, just a question because i'm too noob to fix this I did a correct installation of mountain lion in raid0 and now @ boot i see two same entries of the same os (ML). 1 -> Macintosh 2 -> Macintosh 2 Both work, so i'd like remove one.. I tried with: <key>Hide Partitions</key> <string>"Macintosh 2"</string> This doesn't work for this. But work (strange) for Windows. Tried also to hide all partitions: hd(1,0 to 1,4) and also this doesn't work. There's a way to do this? Many thanks, Gabriele.
  6. Hi guys, with ###### of tonymac i installed the last applehda edited to have 5.1. I had setup everything in audio midi setup, making an aggregate device with the 3 line outs and also selected multichannel and 5.1 surround but doesn't work. When i try each speaker everything work, but when i select the aggregate device not. Someone can help me please? Thanks a lot, Gabriele.
  7. What controller you have? I with my jmicron and properly kext had resolved since snow leopard.
  8. Lilith

    Installing Guide - ASUS 1215B

    I had not tried. Because when i seen the missing support for qe/ci i had deleted everything. Sorry man.
  9. Lilith

    Installing Guide - ASUS 1215B

    The user: pippobla has helped me a month ago.. Install the hazard 10.6.6i using an external dvd and with this flags to can boot in the installation of snow leopard: busratio=16 -v cpus=1 System Type=2 maxmem=4096 -i386 -v After you did this you must choose this options (in the customize options before press install): !Important, format the disk to macos journaled! Select, kernel legacy, chameleon, in the laptop tab select the option voodoo (to enable mouse and keyboard) when you have installed snow leopard, boot and install the wireless using the (io80211 family.kext) and audio use (voodoohda 2.7.3). If you can't boot, use the dvd of hazard 10.6.6i and use this flags (for me had worked): -v cpus=1 busratio=16 -i386 if you have more of 4gigs of ram, use also this: maxmem=4096 so: -v cpus=1 busratio=16 -i386 maxmem=4096 Every works except the the graphics and the qe/ci :\ Hope this help. Gabriele.
  10. Hi guys, i'm under 10.6.4 by over a year, never a problem except for this days. Some time ago i disabled spotlight because is very very slow to build my index of hdds. Absolutely no problems. But many times i need to search something and i decided to enable and do this {censored}in index. I had a 2tb hd and 2x 74gb (did a raid0) hdds. My partition tab is: 900 gb (called A), 1tb (called and 2 partitions for windows (40 gb and 8gb less or more) (called C and D). 130gb less or more for snow leopard (called E). After a couple of week i with the help of macpilot that help me to select and enable each partitions, i did the index for spotlight of the partitions: A, C, D and E. After a week (only for the partition of 1tb (the today my leopard going to kernel panic. Is there a method to know where my system fail? Maybe i can delete or move that files. Always if this is the problem. Or is possible to locate the problem and why leopard going to kp? A script log, or any else. Thanks for the help, guys. Gabriele.
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    PunkNugget's Mod - THE HACKINBEAST !

    Very nice man!