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Lion 10.7.3 wont boot after Chameleon Install

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ok so i followed the guide (http://www.osx86.net...ar-perfect.html) and after running the install i can get into lion, but after install and running step 8-10 after the reboot it wont start, i'll post more detailed information later today, but basically i either get one of two problems, either i get a waiting for root device when i run boot with arch=i386 -v, or arch=i386 rd=disk0 (or 0s2 which is what it says in disk utility after the install), or i get a KP for AppleInterCPUPowermanagement, not sure if its something im doing wrong, basically i can re-install Lion and get back in but cant reboot. the baseimage i used was 10.7.3 not sure if that is causing the problem i havent been able to get my hands on a 10.7 vanilla image. boot flags look correct in com.apple.boot.plist (i think that is right followed from iAtKos)


i installed lion again and this time i didn't run through step 8-10 and install chameleon and if i boot using the lionUSBinstaller key and select my lion install it boots no problem! so I'm guessing the issue is with whatever the script does to configure the boot loader/copying files etc..now mind me I'm totally new at this and have zero idea what I'm doing..not sure how to configure so i can boot from the hd instead of using the usb stick installer key, if you need more machine specs let me know


can i just install chameleon and then copy the Extra folder, mach_kernel, boot.efi etc.. to the HD from the USB key?


i really dont want to have to install Lion again since im on my 8th install so far...


i also posted up and tried to get throught as much as i could in the following thread as well for the Inspiron 1525.



any help would be appreciated since im trying to re-learn how all this works since i havent touched a mac since system 7 :happymac:

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thx artur ill try it when i get home today. i can just use kext utility to install the extensions i need right?

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is there any way you can post the png's to this thread?


After installing Mac OS X, you must take the following steps:


* - Create the folder / Extra at the root of hd containing:



Screenshot 07/31/2012 at 11.07.34.png


Screenshot 07/31/2012 at 11.11.04.png

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artur, followed your info and its working perfect! really appreciate, the only thing i havent been able to get working is the audio at this point but im going to trying modifying the info.plist again since i think possibly i need that. just to clarify is it DeviceIDVendorID in the PrimaryMatch field or the other way around, maybe im not formatting the information correctly?

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