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Mountain Lion on acer 5920g


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Hi, I'm trying to install Mountain Lion 10.8 on my Acer 5920g.

I replaced the AppleACPIPlatform.kext and the IOPCIFamily.kext with the ones of snow leopard 10.6.8 (which I have now working on this laptop) to go past the PCI Configuration Begin error, but now I'm stuck on ''Still waiting for root device''.

I've already tried the ''UseKernelCache=No'' and ''npci=0x2000'' but without results.

Does someone have a solution for this problem?

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for what ?


u graphics don't work at all is 32 bit , ml is 64 bit


if gonna try something try to install Lion in arch=i386


several problems but it works until 10.7.2 , no more test after


good hack

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I forgot to say that I grave the version with the GeForce 8600m GS graphics card, not the one with the integrated or the ati graphics.

So, the GeForce isn't working also with extra kext (natit / nvenabler etc...) ?

'cause I'm running snow leopard in 64bit mode with natit.kext to make the full graphics acceleration working and I also managed to install the nvidia cuda driver.

And honestly I don't really mind about the 3d graphics acceleration, I'll probably use my hackintosh only for Xcode.

Thank u for your help!

EDIT: sorry, I noticed that I wrote in the netbook section also if I'm talking about a notebook.

I'm really sorry. Moderators, could you please move the thread? Thanks ^^

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