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Εγκατάσταση Lion AsRock Dual Vsta - 775

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Ψάχνομαι εδώ Και αρΚετό Καιρό με το Hackintosh.Έχω Κάνει Κάποιες σχεδόν πλήρως λειτουργιΚές εγΚαταστάσεις.το μέγαλο πρόβλημα μου συνήθως ήτανε η Κάρτα γραφιΚών μου η nVidia GT 220 1GB η οποία σε συνδυασμό με την "άβολη" μητριΚή μου την ASROCK Dual Vsta - 775.


η ερώτηση που θέλω να Κάνω είναι έχει Καταφέρει Κανείς να Κάνει μία λειτουργιΚή εγΚατάσταση με αυτή την μητριΚή?To chipset της Κάρτας μου πλέον υποστηρίζεται αλλά η μητριΚή παρόλο που Κάποιοι λένε ότι υποστηρίζεται δεν έχω Καταφέρει να βρώ Κάποιον ο οποίος να λέει ότι τα έχει Καταφέρει.




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Καλησπέρα φιλε , η Asrock θα σε βασανίζει γενικα .. έχεις σκεφτεί να πάρεις μια gigabyte..?

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    • By Jean-Paul
      I had a few with catalina after updating to the latest update.
      I decided to do a vanilla installed with as little kexts and drivers as possible.
      Installation went fine until i get to disk utility, unable to erase the DATA partition.
      I'm pretty sure im missing a driver somewhere.

      Clover Version: 5099
      Config: Manual Configuration

      Clover Kexts: LiLu - WhateverGreen - AppleALC - Intelmausi - VirtualSMC - SMCProcessor - SMCIO
      UEFI Drivers: ApfsDriverloader.efi - AptioMemoryfix.efi = FSinject.efi - vBoxHFS.efi - SMChelper.efi - OsxaptifixDrv.efi
      UEFI Bios: HSPlus - ApfsDriverloader

      Any help appriciated

      Gigabyte Z390 Pro WiFi
      SHAPPHIRE RX 570
      2 Nvme stick

    • By Prt91
      Ciao ragazzi, sono incappato in un problema che di sicuro sono io stupido.
      Premetto che: Chiavetta 32giga, formattata Journaled e GUID, Clover installato.
      In primis la cartella che crea Clover dei Driver non si chiama drivers64EFI e ne crea una drivers e basta, de facto non legge i driver e di conseguenza la chiavetta per fare l'installazione.
      Pazienza, ho scaricato i driver altrove e li ho buttati in una cartella drivers64EFI, ergo chiavetta rilevata dentro clover.
      Arrivo all'utility disco, inizializzo l'SSD(samsung 860pro) in APFS e facendo partire l'installer non mi fa cliccare l'SSD APPENA formattato dicendomi che sto provando ad installare un MacOS più VECCHIO di quello attualmente installato o.0????????
      Ok, CMD Q e torno all'utility, formatto in Journaled ma nulla di fatto, mi ridice la stessa frase. Faccio hackintosh da snow leopard ma una roba del genere mai vista.
      La chiavetta l'ho creata col classico create installer media da una virtual machine con Mojave. E il driver APFS l'ho cercato apposta per 10.13 e i driver scaricati li ho trovati sul web per una MOBO identica alla mia ma Mojave (Aorus Ultra Z390).
      Non ne vengo a capo. Devo forse formattare la chiavetta in MBR?
      GRAZIE A TUTTI e soz per la nabbaggine
    • By MaLd0n
      Now have a Olarila app, just download app and clover folder for your Chipset! https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=6771   Nehalem, SandyBridge, IvyBridge, Haswell, Broadwell     Skylake, Kabylake and Coffeelake is here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321872-guide-sierra-on-gigabyte-mobos-serie-200-kabylake-dsdt/   Install MacOS with Olarila Image, Step by Step, Install and Post Install
        Mojave Full DSDT patch   http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=6428   First...   ***Update bios to last available version!***   If you need a full patched DSDT...  -Extract tables with F4 key in Clover boot screen! -Run it and send me files! RunMe.app   Installation   --Create a bootable copy of macOS Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave   https://github.com/chris1111/Create-Install-Media/releases   --Install Clover in USB stick   https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/Installer/   --Replace with my Clover folder https://olarila.com/files/Clover.Folder/CLOVER.SERIES.CHIPSET.zip   --Install Sierra/High Sierra and boot into system!   Post Installation --Install Clover and replace with my folder   https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8222   --Reboot and activate video!   Bingo!   Now you need a fine tune! DSDT time!   --DSDT   Patches -FIX ERRORS AND WARNINGS -HPET -SATA -DMAC -SLPB -DARWIN -LPC -XHCI -PLUGIN TYPE -XXXX to HDEF -HDEF -RTC -IRQs -SBUS -BUS1 -MCHC -ALS0 -SHUTDOWN -LAN -USBX -PMCR -EC -PNLF -HDMI
      --Power Management
      - 1 Generation Intel Processors, use Generate P and C States in config.plist
      - 2 and 3 Generations Intel Processors, Generate SSDT with Piker script and drop CpuPm and Cpu0Ist SSDTs
      - 4 Generation+ Intel Processors, use PluginType=1 in DSDT, SSDT or Clover config.plist
      for check Power, Frequency, Temperature and Utilization, use it
      Install Intel Power Gadget.pkg.zip
      Install .app, select the required permission and reboot. Work in F1 / F2 keys!

      *in some cases .app don't work, check patches in config.plist inside Clover folder Post Install
      Use DSDT + AppleAlc
      --install Lan driver by Mieze
        -Atheros   http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/313-atherose2200ethernet/   -Intel   http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/396-intelmausiethernet/   -Realtek   http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/88-realtekrtl8111-binary/   --Links   -FakeSMC   https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-fakesmc-kozlek   -Audio   https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/314406-voodoohda-289/   -USB   https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-usb-inject-all/downloads   It's time to Rock   -Credits and thanks to the old and new people in the community who developed patches, kexts and bootloaders!   Apple, Slice, Kabyl, usr-sse2, jadran, Blackosx, dmazar, STLVNUB, pcj, apianti, JrCs, pene, FrodoKenny, skoczy, ycr.ru, Oscar09, xsmile, SoThOr, RehabMan, Download-Fritz, Zenit432, cecekpawon, Intel, Oracle, Chameleon Team, crazybirdy, Mieze, Mirone, Oldnapalm, netkas, Elconiglio, artut-pt, ErmaC, Pavo, Toleda, Master Chief and family, bcc9, The King, PMheart, Sherlocks, Micky1979, vit9696, vandroiy2013, Voodoo Team, Pike R. Alpha, lvs1974, Austere.J, CVad and many, many, many others!   We're all here to have fun and learn from each other!  
    • By Hugo_bee
      Here I am back again, with a little work for a noob colleague with a mission
      Asrock H270M is an ITX mobo (we really appreciate them) that is coming to become an IMAC.
      To let this, we have to do the basic Mojave USB setup installation (create install dir procedure) by erasing a normal 16gb USB3 pen
      After that, apply a Clover UEFI+ESP setup with latest Clover
      Mount EFI folder of the USB Mojave install disk
      Replace ENTIRELY the content of EFI partition with the one here.
      For the BIOS configuration I've applied this one:
      Advanced \ CPU Configuration → Intel Virtualization Technology : Enabled
      Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Primary Graphics Adapter : PCI Express
      Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Vt-d : Disabled
      Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → IGPU Multi-Monitor : Disabled
      Advanced \ USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support : Enabled
      Advanced \ USB Configuration → PS/2 Simulator : Disabled
      Advanced \ USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled
      Security  → Secure Boot: Disabled
      Boot  → Fast Boot: Disabled
      Boot  → Boot From Onboard LAN: Disabled
      Then: SETUP Mojave
      Reboot, mount EFI of DESTINATION DISK and REPLACE its EFI content as done before.
      you will have:
      1 lan 1gigabit (the 1st one to the left, by standing in front of ports)
      2 HDMI audio and video with QE/CI
      3 all the 15+ USB and XHCI ports enabled
      4 SATA and M2 up & running
      5 NO WIFI but you can replace with a broadcome native one easily.
      6 NO sleep wake
    • By End3rPower50
      Hi, I want to install MacOS Catalina on my laptop.
      I was installed MacOS Mojave previously but i had a lot of problem, for example my wifi's card (Dell DW1820A) had a problem: My pc sometimes doesn't boot up or pc after some minutes crashed or slowed. 
      Now i want to try again to install macOS.
      this is my spec: 
      HP 15-AY034NL 
      CPU: i7 6500U  with HD520
      SSD: 500GB SSD Samsung
      Wifi & Bluetooth: Dell DW1820A (Bluetooth: BCM2045A0) (Wifi: BCM94350ZAE)
      USB 3.0 
      Ethernet: Realtek 8100
      Attached in this thread, my old clover configuration created by me (CLOVER OLD) and clover with Wifi driver (CLOVER) created by Hervè (I had asked help at insanelymac's community)
      Thanks in advance 
      CLOVER OLD.zip