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legacy kernel and arch=x86_64


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i was wondering if someone is capable of booting with this flag arch=x86_64, for full 64 bits with a legacy kernel.


actually the only way i can start with a legacy kernel is with flags arch=i386 -force64


other thing makes panic when loading the first kext (?)

thanks in advance

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have you try to boot with :


-f -v -x

yeah of course i know those flags...


the thing is that, like many others, startup panics when loading ACPI system (appleacpiplatform ioacpifamily iopcifamily)


seems that 64 bits kernel space (arch=x86_64) is not possible with AMD

its only possible 32 bits kernel space (arch=i386) enabling 64 bits user space (-force64)


can someone confirm this?


best regards

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