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legacy kernel and arch=x86_64

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i was wondering if someone is capable of booting with this flag arch=x86_64, for full 64 bits with a legacy kernel.


actually the only way i can start with a legacy kernel is with flags arch=i386 -force64


other thing makes panic when loading the first kext (?)

thanks in advance

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have you try to boot with :


-f -v -x

yeah of course i know those flags...


the thing is that, like many others, startup panics when loading ACPI system (appleacpiplatform ioacpifamily iopcifamily)


seems that 64 bits kernel space (arch=x86_64) is not possible with AMD

its only possible 32 bits kernel space (arch=i386) enabling 64 bits user space (-force64)


can someone confirm this?


best regards

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    • By Rocketval
      Hi everyone! My pc specs are these:
      Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF
      mobo: Dell 042P49
      cpu: i3-3240
      gpu: hd2500 (will be added a new gt710 next week)
      USB created with HackintoshZone restoreSierra from my macbook pro.
      So, I've installed from usb after setting up (I hope correctly) the bios (legacy, uefi doesn't work properly I think) and, even if I've restarted after waiting so long when it said "less than a minute remaining", I can boot just fine into Sierra in my SSD ("Hackintosh") selecting, when I start/restart the pc, boot from Hackintosh.

      Everything works fine except graphics (I know hd2500 is not supported so I just bought an used gt710 that will arrive next week), audio (it worked 2 times after setting with clover configurator, then it stopped) and ethernet (I think it's faulty, anyway I've a wifi dongle that works fine).
      BUT if the usb created with restoreSierra.pkg is not connected I can see Clover bootloader but I can't see my SSD "Hackintosh" which is the drive Sierra is installed in.

      I'm pretty sure something in post installation (Clover configurator -> Boot secton) is missing, these are the steps I made after the automatic initial setup:
      Mount EFI partition of SSD (since is not mounted by default)
      Install Clover EFI in order to install Clover Legacy.
      Copy EFI folder from HZ usb
      Delete EFI folder from EFI partition of SSD
      Paste EFI folder from HZ to EFI partition of SSD

      When I restart the pc w/o usb plugged I can't see the SSD, the space over the rounded icons is empty except from BOOT from EFI (and if select it it reload the same thing).

      I hope someone could help me, this is my first step in hackintosh world
      Have a nice day
    • By kevang
      Hello and happy new year everyone,
      I have been trying to get my "old" computer running completely on Sierra for a few weeks now (before Christmas).  I had been on Snow Leopard for 6 or 7 years.  Was a fast setup then.  Will build new rig in next couple months...  anyhow.
      I have a stable running Sierra.  No freezes, have internet, sound, video.  Have 2 issues main issues;
      Issue 1 - Clover cannot detect Windows 10.  Clover cannot auto-boot.
      > Sierra is on SSD
      > Windows 10 & Snow Leopard are on different partitions of WD 2TB HDD
      > Connected to Intel SATA 0, 1, 2, 3 slots
      > Upon boot, Clover only displays the 2 apple drives; OS X Sierra & Recovery (does not auto boot)
      > Here's the strange thing.  When I navigate to EXIT CLOVER, Clover resets/refreshes/reboots.  Now it can see all the attached drives.
      > From here, I can select Windows or Sierra.  Not the best experience.
      Issue 2 - OS X does not shut down.  
      > So many people that have this issue.  On Shutdown, screen goes black, systems just hangs.  
      What I've tried.
      > Pressing F2 at First Clover boot (the 2 drives) and also on second iteration (all drives displaying).  This shows the preboot.log.  Seems the first time, Scanning doesn't work for some reason.
      > I have attached preboot1 and reboot 2 for context.
      > Clover Configurator - I have selected FixShutdown and Halt Enabler in ACPI.  Doesn't do anything for Shutdown.
      > Scan is set to Legacy.  Timeout set to 3 seconds.  
      > DefaultBootVolume set to LastBootedVolume
      1. 2 screens; Volumes from Finder / the 2 screens from Clover.  
      2. preboot logs
      3. config.plist
      So many thanks for anyone willing to take a look and help me troubleshoot.  Been tinkering over 2 weeks now.

    • By jcrcarmo
      Hello everyone,
        Greetings from Brazil!  I'm getting a kernel panic at the macOS High Sierra install process.  Any ideas on what could be happening?  Please refer to attached pictures.  Thank you very much for your time and help.  I really appreciate it.   Motherboard Gigabyte G41MT-S2P F3 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz 8 Gb of RAM Video Zotac GeForce 9500GT 1 Gb     jcrcarmo        
    • By swordsx48
      Hi, so this is an issue I have put off for a while by just selecting the windows drive to boot.
      My Clover bootloader, UEFI, cannot load my Windows installations. Those are set to boot legacy, so I can understand that. But I cannot get legacy Clover working! When I install it to my drive and set that to boot, it just goes straight to the Windows installation. I think it has to do with the boot1 / 6 type error where it's just redirecting it to Windows, because that's all that happens.
      In Summation-
      UEFI Clover-can't boot Windows
      Legacy Clover-forwarded to another boot drive
      Something something active partition?
      Happy new year and thank you for your time, I appreciate any help!
    • By PsychoKoopa
      I recently got an Asus X55U laptop with the following specs:
      AMD Brazos C-60 1Ghz CPU
      4GB DDR3
      120GB HDD
      AMD HD 6290 Graphics.
      I am trying to use the Sierra 10.12.5 raw file from the Olarila forum. I understand that I need to change the kernel on the installer USB to one that supports AMD processors, but I am not sure which kernel to use or how to replace it. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it.
      EDIT: Also when I try to use the Sierra Zone distro with the included AMD kernel, I get Error loading kernel cache (0x9) when trying to boot into the installer.
      EDIT 2: Nevermind this post. I just read that your CPU needs SSE4.1 to run Sierra and the C-60 only had SSE4A. I'll try an older version and make a new post if necessary.