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  1. for developers: libbeautylibbeauty is a very advanced open source tool that has an initial aim: "Given an input .o file, it can create a .c file that compiles and has the same function as the original .o file. This will later expand to handling binary files."
  2. hi right now i have no time to perform test like in osx-10.7 kernel days. but sometimes i take a look on whats going on, really impressive! i was wondering about the idea of looking at other BSD kernels sources that already runs on amd cpus, how do they implement tlb caches and all that stuff for amd hardware, since it is already done. the hard part would be implementing propertly arbitrary opcode emulation (and then specific opcode emulation) this requires knowledge, but seems to be a good programming exercise. i hope not to be wrong, that this ideas are useful. please dont feel bad to correct if im wrong. i will be back to testing when situation gets better... peace! edit: this looks interesting, http://winocm.com/projects/research/2013/11/08/state-of-the-union/ Porting the Darwin kernel to the AArch64/ARMv7/ARMv6-A architectures. http://winocm.com/xnu/ https://github.com/darwin-on-arm/
  3. the osx kernel port to amd project should be in github or similar, with proper bug track list, source changes, and all that y think everything will be better organized
  4. bcobco

    GRUB2 -> Chameleon

    this solution is for when chameleon cannot detect grub2
  5. bcobco

    GRUB2 -> Chameleon

    i think it can be useful information for those who has a linux as backup system installed on their hard drive. GRUB2 will be the main boot loader. it will chain load into Chameleon! by default, GRUB2 does not detects propertly OSX86. this is a little fix for grub2.
  6. bcobco

    GRUB2 -> Chameleon

    situation: disk containing osx86 and linux. boot loader was Chameleon, replaced by GRUB2. boot linux and extract Chameleon's i386.zip into /boot/chameleon then edit file /etc/grub.d/40_custom in order to add this lines: menuentry "OSX86 Chameleon Boot Loader" { chainloader /boot/chameleon/i386/boot0 } after save, run update-grub2 done! EDIT: simplification... chainloader pointing to chameleon's boot0 do the trick ________ useful chameleon recovery commands (cd /boot/chameleon/i386) dd if=boot0 of=/dev/disk/by-id/TheDiskThatYouAreUsing bs=440 count=1 dd if=boot1h of=/dev/disk/by-id/ThePartitionWithOsx86OfTheDiscThatYouAreUsing bs=512 count=1 cp boot /the/root/of/your/osx86/mount/point/ dont copy-paste, just take as reference! please use dd (destroyer of disks) with precaution, you can kill a little cat if used wrong! ________ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29
  7. what about hosting this darwin kernel non-intel port builds and sources in sites like googlecode, github, ... ? we would have proper bug tracking
  8. bcobco

    AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    64-bit has serious issues. in most of this cases, the 32-bit equivalent works as expected. here it is why -maybe- osx-10.6.8 (in pure 32-bit kernel and userland) can be better. as far as i could test, i found unusable (64-bit): nvidia accelerated graphics drivers maxima math software various audio plugins has serious audio corruption (beware your ears!) google drive quicktime ... (some more i cant remember now, i will be updating the list when i find more)
  9. bcobco

    Snow Leopard kernel testing on AMD

    check here for vanilla kernels http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Patched_Kernels best working legacy kernels for osx 10.6.8, MD5 and SHA1: Nawcom's 10.6.8 Legacy Kernel http://www.osx86.net/view/2066-kernel_for_10.6.8_intel-amd.html MD5 (legacy_kernel-10.8.0.v2.pkg) = 21d2c4a2244fc08671f207ce15897704 bec13930283ab271185d19a50e45413bbdc36511 legacy_kernel-10.8.0.v2.pkg AnV's 10.6.8 Legacy Kernel http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1675 MD5 (10.6.8_anv.zip) = bb95250e44d8c9a61b1f1482841bea03 e4a8f1f2b6f15dc40516d23a439a4b331900cf63 10.6.8_anv.zip Sinetek 10.6.8 full 64-bit kernel http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285180-snow-leopard-on-amd-split-in-progress/?do=findComment&comment=1874516 MD5 (/Users/cc/Desktop/10.6.8 kernels/mach_kernel) = 35b118ede41e38a95076dc1ccbc60c60 46acac8eb5b76ae509a4a2fe6503876920677e40 /Users/cc/Desktop/10.6.8 kernels/mach_kernel good luck
  10. it doesnt matter how hard it is. i would like to try at least. also, xnu is open source...
  11. Bronya, please publish the sources! i would like to port the patches to the 10.7.4 xnu kernel
  12. please bronya publish the sources diff i would like to try apply the patch to the 10.7.4 xnu source tanks in advance
  13. system booting here TO DEVELOPERS: what information (or things to test) do you need? i always post the output of dmesg and sysctl -A kern hw machdep but im not sure if its enough or what
  14. release 9, testing here: opemu version, panic.. no opemu version, instant system shutdown while booting! edit: i would be testing more time the kernel mods in a 10.7.4 kernel. almost all of the time im running 10.7 because system is usable (good graphics performance)
  15. tested here correct frequencies and cache sizes 32-bit code working 64-bit still testing (i need to test GoogleDrive, wich crashes always on 10.7.x kernels) congrats, nice works!