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Intel Atom Barebone - Which Distribution should I take?

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Hey Guys,


I don't know whether this kind of hardware was already discussed here.

In Germany you can get the following fanless cooled Arctic (Cooling) Intel Atom D525 Barebone with D-GPU ATI 5450 (512 MB own Ram) for 120 Euros.

My Question is, whether you know if this cool thing is in anyway compatible with OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8.




My Hackintosh Expiriences were a long long time ago.


I would be glad if you can help me


Sorry for my bad Language!


Best Regards



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The chip is supported with a patched kernel as I have 10.8.2 running on a D510 at the moment, however the link you provided lists an ATI Mobility 5430. I have another setup with an ATI 5450 which is natively supported, but I have no idea how different the two gpus are. The link also gives no details about the ethernet chip.

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Ok and the Intel MN10 Chipset is no problem? - Do you have a link to the kexts and perhaps to a guide? Thanks a lot!

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Would be great, if anybody can post his or her experiences with such a kind of hardware - Whatever i try (-x -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1) the Un1Beast Installer loads a lot of kexts, but at the moment when the OS X Installation Screen should show up, the PC restarts -.-

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I have the following problem:


I'd like to Install OS X ML on this Barebone, and I is not my first Hackintosh Intallation:

(I have a MSI Wind Barebone, a Asrock ION 330, and a MSI Wind Book):





But neither with Unibeas, nor with myHack I don't even get to the Installation, after the loading of the last Kexts, the Barebone restarts, even if use PCIRootUID=0 or 1, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or No, or-x -v, i've tried everything of this in every Combination but nothing works!


I would really appreciate if anyone could help me; The Last Hope would be iAtkos, but from start there should be no Atom Compatiblity -.-


Thanks a lot!



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within the bios of the motherboard, have you selected your HDD operation to be in AHCI? otherwise the install may fail to find the hard disk

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