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  1. ...Can I ask why you want to use Leopard? 10.5.x is now four revisions out of date. Most guides for it will be lost in the aether. You'll have much more luck trying to run Mountain Lion (10.8.x) or Mavericks (10.9.x). Also, most people here (quite rightly) look down on the use of distros... Consider trying a manual approach. Much more stable
  2. Matty0

    (Bootloader Theme) Wip

    looks great, very clean. any chance of a version with all silver/grey text?
  3. Matty0

    MPlayerX vs Movist

    VLC's "Dark" theme makes it look really sleek. Much the same as MPlayerX. Which IMHO, is a very close 2nd place. VLC seems to be the best all-rounder particularly for compatibility. To be honest though, as long as you aren't straying too far into the realms of weird filetypes and just playing things like avi, mp4, m4v, mpeg, mkv, flv, wmv, etc... then they're all good I wouldn't advise paying though... Try VLC dark theme, or go MPlayer X
  4. From my experience OCZ are good value, low reliability after a number of writes. Crucial drives are much more reliable. Slightly more expensive though. If you have the money to spend however, Samsung 830 or 840 series. Though Crucial is my recommendation, Intel have some good drives too at a similar price. Consider those two brands in my opinion.
  5. Matty0

    10.8.4 Betas Builds

    ah good news about new cuda! it was bothering me at every boot that it would throw an error message at me. much better
  6. Matty0

    MacDrive in Windows 8.x: how to

    worked! great help i thought my license had become worthless! tested on windows 8 pro x86 and windows 8 pro WMC x64
  7. Matty0

    Bargain Build, £9k , . . Compatibility?

    i'd stick with snow leopard with the AMD cpu though. SL is still ace at most things remember
  8. within the bios of the motherboard, have you selected your HDD operation to be in AHCI? otherwise the install may fail to find the hard disk
  9. Matty0

    Windows 2012 on virtualbox

    or download an older x32 build of xp... for virtual machines i see no use for x64 architecture. if you're giving them >4gb ram then you should be running them from boot. not in a VM. as long as you download the same edition (pro or home) your key should work...
  10. Matty0

    Mountain Lion Worth Installing?

    I have a dev account and got my hands on it today. In fact I'm on it right now. (On my legit Macbook Pro - mid 2009) So far my impressions are... mixed. I'll give you a quick rundown of my 1st day of use impressions. Gaming performance is improved over both lion and snow leopard (very noticable on diablo 3) Boot time is improved No native x11 (although the xQuartz project fills this gap) Updating through App Store is (in my opinion) messy and seems less convenient that a standalone OS update centre App compatibility (I've updated from snow leopard - lion was never worth the "upgrade") has been mixed at best. Although almost all issues have been resolved with updates, Some are still persistent and I will have to look into those tomorrow. Launching apps seems somehow smoother, and i have experienced no crashing whatsoever (although, I have only been using it today) Siri Dictation is SUPERB. I have it set to CMD+D and it is fantastic. A welcome component to the OS The OS DOES feel hugely polished. If you don't want to upgrade now, I suggest you do once it goes retail in August In summary, i think that from Snow Leopard, i would stay put. It is perhaps a "better" OS (more up-to-date at least), but it causes many compatibility issues that unless you are a bit of a nerd, you might find off putting. From lion though, i would update in a heart beat. hope that helps
  11. Matty0

    FREE Loot :)

    i'd really like the Gigabyte MOBO if its still going? how much for uk shipping?
  12. Matty0

    FREE Mac Pro Cases

    post pics please
  13. Matty0

    Mountain Lion on 1201n

    already downloading
  14. Matty0

    Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

    mind = blown
  15. Matty0

    10.7.3 kills video Nvidia 9800 gt

    have you tried replacing the nvidia kexts with those from 10.7.2?