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Hi im trying to install LOGIC 9 nad when i try to do this i get a message pop up

i`ve tried various graphics cards and still have problems installing it


i also have to use a boot dics which is ................. ######.TONYMAC86 in order to start up my HACKMAC

MOTHERBOARD ............MSI P45 Platinum

CPU ................ QUAD CORE 2.4

GRAPHICS................x1650 pro ddr3 pci-e dual

or GRAPHICS...............xfx geforce gf 6600gt 256 ddr3 dual dvi tv pci-e

or GRAPHICS...............x1650 pro 512m ddr2 pci-e dual dvi-tvo




Once i`ve used my "i boot" disc to boot into my hackintosh when i try to install logic 9 i get this error :( please help what do i need to do to fix this .

also i install 8 gigs of memory and only see 4 :( Help and Advice please


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7-8 year old video cards, you can pick up something modern and many times better, while not high end, for around 20$

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ok so if i buy a new graphics card this will solve the problem ?


or will i have to add kext

a little more advice would avoid me from going INSANE thanks

which grapics card and which company is the most reliable and can i upgrade to lion without problems ?

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Yes, a video card that's compatible with Snow Leopard will solve the problem, if you're lucky with the rest of your hardware and able to configure everything right.


A Hackintosh is not a way to "get a cheap Mac". All of this is experimental and there are no promises. If you need for your OS X installation to be 100% stable and working for production purposes, then install it on a Mac.


Even though tons of video cards from both ATI and Nvidia are "known" to work, there is no guarantee that you can get it to work on your particular combination of hardware. No matter what, installing OS X on a PC is a gamble, an experiment.

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