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  1. Thanks for replying the first module is built into the motherboard , its strange it reads as 8 gb in the Bios (when i add the new memory) , also tried 2 other sticks one is compatible other isnt
  2. My machine has 4 gb of RAM, placed another stick in the machine , it reads in the bios as 8 gb , but wont boot to High Sierra , if i take out that same stick of memory it boots to High Sierra What could be the issue and solution ?????? Thanks
  3. boxeyes

    Recovery Mode no access

    Thanks did as you said , and i got this :- /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *500.1 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Mac HD 499.8 GB disk0s2 Macs-Mac-Pro:~ macpro$ what can i do to fix this ? Looks like i have no Recovery Partition on the drive 1) if i made a fresh installation how could i make sure that it also installs a recovery partition ? 2) i have an old 160 hard drive which i can test with the new installation. ive never installed on a real mac before, but if i download an image of EL-CAPITAN and place it on a usb , will i be able to install EL-Capitan from usb ? Thanks for your help
  4. boxeyes

    Recovery Mode no access

    Still no luck , the only command which works is the safe mode
  5. tried all the commands to try to get into recovery mode No luck , can some one help me ? Tried command + r (no luck) i need to open Terminal in recovery mode and run "csrutil disable". i have tried to do this in the operating system with No Success (El capitan, 2008, mac pro quad core this is not a Hackintosh) this command seems to be only workable in RECOVERY MODE Thanks
  6. boxeyes

    Identical Clone of MAVERICKS

    hmmm, ok thanks for the displayed solution
  7. boxeyes

    Identical Clone of MAVERICKS

    Hmmm, oh that question was to iFIRE i was explaining clearly how i came across this incident (if other people come across the same incident they too will have a solution if they see this thread) ..... besides your reply was not a solution, but thanks
  8. boxeyes

    Identical Clone of MAVERICKS

    I tried to clone the drive also by going into disk utility , but for some reason it would not allow to do this ( when i tried to, a message popped up telling me, "if i wanted to use the disk as a SOURCE i need to restart the computer using the recovery system, and open Disk Utility again." ( which i also tried and was not able to boot into safemode). I also read on another forum that i had to upgrade to 10.9.2 this will enable me to clone the drive using disk utility , "oh well not as easy at that " again the same thing, "it wont let me copy the drive in disk utility" , can you explain how i reinstall the boot loader to the clone if it`s an External Drive ? Thanks
  9. Hi i tried to clone my hackintosh without success, i have used Superduper and Carbon copy clone, THEY BOTH COPY THE FILES but not completely , why is this ? i took the copied drive, booted up from it, all i got was the continuos blinking curser in the top righthand corner (nothing). Is there a software out there which will make an exact copy of the Original (Hackintosh) harddrive ? With all files, all folders, everything which will enable me to boot from the Copied HardDrive ?
  10. Brilliant thanks this helped me get internet on a "Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pi 3750" for a friend
  11. Seeking a professional audio interface for mac, i have a white focusrite saffire, which is now as good as dead, FOCUSRITE, as it seems do not intend on updating the drivers, so anyone here using an update date professional audio interface with LION MOUNTAIN or MAVRICKS i only need it to work on these two as i need LOGIC PRO X. Thanks
  12. INSTALLED iATIKOS BUT when i restart it wont log me in, i just get the apple icon (so i reboot again) and able to log in But once i`m logged in if i dont move the mouse for about 5 minutes it will freeze up and i have to RESTART the machine Any Solutions ?
  13. boxeyes

    HOW to fix a mac tutorial

    Ive been looking around the the internet of and on for some time i would like to know how to repair a mac DESKTOP or LAPTOP If you look at Windows PC i would know how to navigate around and see where files are placed it seems quite easy, but on a mac i would`nt know where to start Could anyone suggest a company that sells dvds on fix repairing a mac Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply joe_black i had to scrap everything bought a new motherboard (secondhand) new memory (strange i have 8 gigs installed and it only shows as 5 gigs) new graphics card, Everything is working with Pro Logic X working fine with a focusrite soundcard. Will buy a new hard drive and install properly.
  15. Still no luck did what you said , there seems to be no logic to this, all i get is a continuous spin of wheel for an hour, surely it couldnt take this long to boot ? 1) You did not install AHCI SATA drivers during installation. check 2) Your mainboard is set to boot SATA as IDE instead of AHCI (Change to AHCI in BIOS) check i`ve tried -v also -v -x (no luck) Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me Thanks for your reply joe_black i had to scrap everything bought a new motherboard (secondhand) new memory (strange i have 8 gigs installed and it only shows as 5 gigs) new graphics card Everything is working ProLogic x working fine with focusrite soundcard Will buy new hard drive and install properly