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Sound on ASRock H55M Pro


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Hi there,


I've managed to install Mountain Lion on my ASRock H55M Pro, a pretty smooth experience using this guide.


One thing that doesn't work as smoothly is sound. I've installed VoodooHDA and it shows up two output devices (analog and HDMI) and one input. Ideally, I'd like to get sound over the optical out interface, which seems to happen when I select HDMI. Unfortunately, the sound is very distorted. Listening closely, I can hear some of the actual sound through the noise, so it's doing something at least a little bit right.


I've tried setting the Format via the Audio MIDI Setup, and while it makes some difference, the result is always heavily distorted.


A Google search revealed a bunch of things, like setting some parameters in the VoodooHDA.kext's Info.plist, but everything I've tried thus far did not improve the situation. Nor made it worse, for that matter.


If anyone could give me some pointers, I'd be happy to try them.

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