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Found 7 results

  1. Vamos lá a minha lista de problemas: nº1 = Som Logo após a instalação do Lion, vi que estava sem som. Fui instalar a VoodooHDA e na hora que terminei deu uma kernel panic, reiniciei o computador, um barulho ensurdecedor aconteceu na tela da maçã. Tive um susto enorme que na hora desliguei o notebook (pressionando o botão Power por cinco segundos). Nem me atrevi a tentar de novo. nº 2 = Bootloader Mesmo após instalar o bootloader, o PC não inicia sozinho. Tenho que deixar meu pendrive conectado, caso contrário, surge a mensagem de erro "boot0:error" e não faz mais nada. nº 3 = Rede Wireless Mesmo instalando as kexts de rede o Lion ainda não reconheceu a placa, dizendo que estava desativada. Observações: Para minha surpresa o vídeo (HD 3000, Intel) funcionou perfeitamente! Menu translúcido, efeitos, tudo foi reconhecido de uma forma maravilhosa. Para meu espanto, o Lion só funciona corretamente o trackpad e teclado com as kexts padrão. Ao trocar não funciona mais. Para meu desespero, logo após o barulho da VooDooHDA e a tela azul do Windows (para variar), o boot se corrompeu. Ao dar boot pelo pendrive travava, ficando uma barra (/) parada na tela, quando ela devia ficar girando e depois exibir a tela de seleção. Com o Hackboot, não exibiu nenhum disco rígido, apenas o próprio CD do HackBoot. Solução: Tive que instalar o Linux em cima do Mac, instalar o grub, reiniciar o Windows, colocar a partição System Reserved como ativa e apagar o Linux. Ufa! Espero dicas. Obrigado.
  2. hey guys, I need the original AppleHDA for Yosemite 10.10.1 because i replaced it (unwanted) If someone has it and want to share it, feel free Greetings, Niklas
  3. Hi there, I've managed to install Mountain Lion on my ASRock H55M Pro, a pretty smooth experience using this guide. One thing that doesn't work as smoothly is sound. I've installed VoodooHDA and it shows up two output devices (analog and HDMI) and one input. Ideally, I'd like to get sound over the optical out interface, which seems to happen when I select HDMI. Unfortunately, the sound is very distorted. Listening closely, I can hear some of the actual sound through the noise, so it's doing something at least a little bit right. I've tried setting the Format via the Audio MIDI Setup, and while it makes some difference, the result is always heavily distorted. A Google search revealed a bunch of things, like setting some parameters in the VoodooHDA.kext's Info.plist, but everything I've tried thus far did not improve the situation. Nor made it worse, for that matter. If anyone could give me some pointers, I'd be happy to try them.
  4. Hey every body ... i know the title is weird but really thats true !! this model is forgotten among all this laptops here specially the hp i know it is not the most power-full laptop but at least u can buy it for a great price and its compatible with OS X ... actually EliteBooks & ProBooks are very compatible with OS X.. any how i am seeking help for creating a DSDT for this model ( and later to patch audio for it) i hear you you will tell me there is already a DSDT for this model...!!! but no the real thing is there isn't... the one available DSDT is for (NVS100) graphics where i have (Intel HD Graphics). am here talking about this : Intel Core i5 520M Intel HD graphics.. IDT Audio or HDA Device id= 111d7603 I wanted to make a DSDT for this model and i started but i was forced to quit because DSDT creating needs PATCH as i found in the guides ... and there is no Patch available for this model at all ... and i am looking forward setting mavericks on it but when i solve all problems on 10.8.3 so please every body help me to create that DSDT as i experienced CMOS reset and read that some functions might brick the laptop i am all listening and i have the tools Appreciated thank you
  5. Strelok-AC

    K50IN/K40IN ALC662 OSX Sierra 10.12

    Version 0.0


    aDummyHDA kext for ASUS K50IN/K40IN laptop. OSX Sierra 10.12 Both working. Installation: Don't forget make DSDT HDA integration with layout5; *.kext Install at S/L/E; Anti-pop can resolve sound popping after sleep; For sound working after wake, download and install latest version of CodecCommander; At clover.txt patch strings for AppleHDA, don't forget to add them both to clover.plist;
  6. my m/b is Asus P8H77-V this board sound is Via VT 1708S so sometimes alc887 will become... but... Recently, not working properly. plz help me... my bad english sorry... ===== SPEC ===== Asus P8H77-V i7-3770 Via VT1708S 8gb * 2ea gtx 660 Yosemite 10.10.5
  7. giacomo.furlani

    Audio basso con voodoo hda

    Salve, il mio portatile ha la scheda audio Realtek ALC3234, uso voodoo hda ma con questo Kext l'audio è più basso del normale.. cosa posso fare? Si sente più basso anche il microfono, infatti spesso siri non capisce cosa dico