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[ML 10.8.1] sound of ALC1200 (Asus P6T) not fully working


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I can't get the audio of my Asus P6T (just p6t: no deluxe, se, etc) to fully work.

I know that it use ALC1200 (don't know if I have to use 885, 887, 889 etc)

I've tried several guide but I always have some problems:


1- Only OUT line is working, can't get my microphone to work.

2- When I insert my headset on the front panel the sound doesn't switch automatically, i've to manually set to use headset from Preferences. (Still only OUT is working)


Right now i'm using an AppleHDA.kext and at least I can hear sounds.


I've tried several HDEF patch to my DSDT but with no success.


I've attached my DSDT (clean verion, without HDEF) and the AppleHDA.kext that i'm using right now.


If you need other info just ask and i'l update my post.


Thanks for your help.



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Ok, now that I know that I have ALC888 I've replaced the AppleHDA.kext with the kext for Legacy ALC888 (without dsdt patch).


Now I have audio with automatic switch speakers <-> headphones


Also microphone is working.

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