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No Internet Connection on Mountain Lion - Asus P8P67 Pro B3

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Hello everyone! On the very first boot of ML, internet was working flawlessly... After installing Lnx2Mac internet driver for my ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard and booted again, no internet is working. I was following this process with any previous mac software. I also tried to install the "debug" version, with no luck!


My system specifications are:


-Asus P8P67 Pro

- Mountain Lion 10.8

- NVidia GTX 560 (Non Ti)

- Intel i7


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for your time friends...

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Um, you left out the only important part, you know, the stuff about your ethernet controller that doesn't work :) Not that mine would be the same as yours cause I don't know, my asus uses rtl8169, so can't use lyn2mac like I had on a prior Gigabyte P35 board, must use the realtek ethernet plug-in from realtek, works great.

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