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6GB/S ASM1061 controller

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After buying the controller which using the ASM1061 chip i have installed it on the second PCI-E X16 on my mobo (Asus P6 workstation) and connected the OWC electra 6gb/s SSD the speed was even lower then the onboard 3gb/s chip... Hmmm...anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong here??

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Check in the BIOS if the speed of the second PCI-E slot is set to x8 or higher. As on a couple of ASUS motherboards the second and third slots are set to lower speeds (often x1).

When this is set correctly the device will identify itself as an PCI-E V2 device and will say a SATA3 device is connected to it .

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I ran Xbench and you can see the results, are those good results?

As you can see the controller recognise data 3...





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