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  1. Breaking news (maybe?) : They now allow Clover discussions on their forum (there's even a separate section for 'alternate' boorloaders). Just my two cents : I was temp banned on their site & forum a while ago for 'blatantly disregarding the rules regarding posting information about unreleased software' (10.8.4 beta in combination with new Nvidia driver information) , directly without warning first. Though they were right in banning me, as 10.8.4 was only in Appleseed that time I think it would be more wise to warn me first so I could correct my actions. Fortunately I was able to contact one of their admins to discuss this and explain what I exactly did and what intentions I had with it, which resulted in the ban immediately lifted. So I guess there are some sensible moderators (or Tony himself, message was signed with Tonymacx86 , not signed with 'moderator' oslt) at work which can look into situations propery Also my suggestions for documentation of the rules and banning prcoess where taken into consideration, so that's a plus too. I also have mixed feelings about Tonymacx86.com, though I think that it is a great resource for newbies (like me once) to start with and get some clear information, and not being overloaded with information and options which may confuse people. Also the time being spent in writing easy to read tutorials is appreciated (at least by me ;-) ) Though they might be a bit agressive with their (automatic?) banning process and their fanatic policy to keep things tidy their way, I think it never hurts to help to try to keep in contact and see how both communities can work together in the best possible way. So the hackintosh community can benefit from this all.
  2. 10.8.4 Betas Builds

    Same here
  3. 10.8.4 Betas Builds

    I was able to install the drivers from 10.8.4 on 10.8.3 and they work perfectly (even got my GTX450TiBoost recognised properly)
  4. 6GB/S ASM1061 controller

    Check in the BIOS if the speed of the second PCI-E slot is set to x8 or higher. As on a couple of ASUS motherboards the second and third slots are set to lower speeds (often x1). When this is set correctly the device will identify itself as an PCI-E V2 device and will say a SATA3 device is connected to it .