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still waiting for boot blah blah blah


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Hey people.


Let me explain first. I installed Jas 10.4.7 on VMWare just fine. Got Dual boot to work just fine. Everything was perfect, my universe was at peace.


Anyway, on native boot, (as in not on VMWare) it just refuses to start. I get the

"still waiting for root device" error.


Before you start posting:

1.- I have a SATA harddrive

2.- Nforce 4 chipset

3.- installed the correct AMD patches, no INTEL's for me.

4.- My drive IS set to primary master

5.- my drive C: has windows with chain0, and is obviously the primary active partition. OSX is a logical partition (so there souldn't be any problems there, right?)


Anyway, let's hear your thoughts on this one. I'm POSITIVE I'm not the first, or the last person to get this one. hehe.





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